Yoga School

Interested in diving deeper into your journey with Yoga?

Want to Teach & Share Yoga with Others?

Summit RYS 200 Hour Yoga School is your answer to either question.

Summit Yoga currently offers a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program registered with Yoga Alliance for those wanting to teach.  We are adding a second program starting Fall 2019.

Brand new to Yoga?  Even better!  You will learn healthy yoga practice habits along with sound body movement patterns with our program from the very beginning of your practice!

Don’t want to teach Yoga?  You don’t have to!  Many of our teacher trainees don’t plan to be yoga teachers - Are you curious about:

Improving your communication skills

Overcoming limiting beliefs about yourself

Living an authentic life in alignment with your personal values

Creating your own sequences of poses for home practice or teaching

Meditation & Mindfulness

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

Nutrition & Self-Care

Want to teach yoga?   Summit Yoga is all about empowerment of our unique yoga teachers.  We accomplish this goal by challenging our trainees to:

Develop your own personal teaching style

Study the different learning styles of yoga students and learn methods to address each style when you teach yoga.

Study physical variations among yoga students and learn to adapt your yoga teaching to each unique individual

Experience lots of practice teaching as you develop your skills.

Any of these sound like you?



Summit Yoga is interested in your personal journey as a human.  We empower each trainee to discover what really matters to you!  We offer 2 different Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Programs and 3 types of training schedules.


WEEK(ENDS) - Hatha + Yin Yoga 200 Hour Program - 8 Weekends - approximately 2 months to complete this program - no prior yoga experience required!!!! A perfect start for absolute beginners in yoga.

This Hatha and Yin Weekend Intensive Training covers traditional Hatha yoga poses and Yin yoga poses.  You will study the alignment and physical modifications for each pose. Summit Yoga teaches a modern yoga mindset of body acceptance in every pose as you begin to craft the type of healthy lifestyle that best fits your uniqueness.

This Weekend Intensive Training is divided into two yoga practice styles:  Hatha (Yang) Yoga and Yin Yoga.  These two Yin and Yang styles complement each other physically and mentally, providing a balanced Yoga Teacher Training experience. Our modern yoga mindset of body acceptance in every pose is embraced throughout our program. The Hatha content provides the heating/movement/alignment aspects of yoga practice while Yin provides the cooling/stillness/allowing aspects of yoga practice.   The combination of heating + cooling, aligning + allowing, working + resting = a balanced total body yoga practice as well as providing a firm foundation for your healthy lifestyle and yoga teaching career.    

The Hatha Yoga (Yang) portion of training focuses on traditional body heating Hatha yoga poses. Trainees learn alignment principles and options for pose modifications.  Hatha yoga training focuses on building strength and flexibility in our muscles and in our mind. You will study traditional Hatha Yoga philosophy and learn about the traditional Hatha approach to living a yogic life. Ample time is dedicated to practice teaching where trainees teach, learn and practice in a positive environment.

The Yin Yoga portion of this Weekend Training continues Summit Yoga’s practitioner friendly mindset into Yin practice and teaching.  Yin is a softer gentle style of yoga with fewer poses and longer hold times. Yin yoga philosophy centers around acceptance of your own unique body, listening to all your body sensations while practicing and embracing stillness.  The result creates space in your connective tissues and nonjudgement in your mind. The Yin approach to meditation differs from Hatha (Yang) meditation. Trainees will learn and practice this accepting method of meditation.


WEEK(ENDS) - Vinyasa Flow (Pose Sequencing) Training 200 Hour Program - 8 Weekends - about 2 months to complete the program - some yoga experience and pose knowledge will be helpful to you in this training, but not required! Beginner yogis are absolutely WELCOME!

This Weekend Vinyasa Flow Training encourages each trainee’s creativity and uniqueness.  Don’t want to be told what poses to teach and in what order?  Want to opportunity to be a creator? In this program you study safe pose sequencing techniques and methods and develop your own 1 hour “All levels vinyasa flow class.”


WEEK(DAYS) - Vinyasa Flow (Pose Sequencing) Training 200 Hour Program - The FAST TRACK - 3 weeks to complete the program - some yoga experience and pose knowledge will be helpful to you in this training, but not required! Beginner yogis are absolutely WELCOME!

In addition to the list of topics above, this training allows trainee creativity as well!!  Due to the FAST TRACK and Intensive nature of this training, Summit Yoga provides a class sequence for you that you can follow or modify depending on your experience level and preferences.  This training gives the teacher safe sequencing techniques for developing or adding your own touches to your 1 hour “All levels vinyasa flow class.”


2019 - week-END intensive courses (8 weekends - Sat & Sun 7:30a to 7:30p)

Summer WeekEnds in Denton - 6/15/19 to 8/11/19 - 200 Hour Vinyasa sequencing training (break weekend is July 13-14)

Autumn WeekEnds in Plano - 9/7/19 to 11/3/19 - 200 Hour NEW training in Hatha & Yin Yoga (break weekend is Oct 5-6).

Fall WeekEnds in Norman, OK - 11/16 to 1/26 - 200 Hour Vinyasa sequencing training (break weekends are Thanksgiving Nov 30-Dec 1 and Dec 21-22 and Dec 28-29)

2019 - week-DAY intensive courses (3 weeks, Mon to Fri 7:30a to 7:30p)

Summer FastTrack WeekDays 2019 in Plano - 7/8/19 to 7/27/19 - 200 Hour Vinyasa sequencing training (no training on Sat & Sun)

Not sure?  Enroll in one of our YTT 4 a Day Workshops (see for future dates)!  Experience a sample day at training to help you decide.  Don’t wait too long, though. We only train 14 people in each group.  Your deposit of $400 will reserve your spot in one of our training groups!

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