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Stretch, Recovery and Injury Prevention Workshops.

Climbing is a physically taxing sport, and if you’re not properly caring for your body, it’s easy to get injured. This workshop walks you through warming up correctly, increasing your climbing ability by working your mobility, and practicing injury prevention. Our instructors will teach you band stretching and nerve gliding exercises that help to manage and reduce stress on the body. Sign up for an upcoming workshop below!

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Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindfulness meditation focuses on the simple yet powerful practices of body scan, meditation and gentle mindful yoga to help you discover a deeper sense of wellness, balance, self-reliance and freedom. Mindfulness is a way of learning to pay attention in a sustained and particular way, on purpose, in the present moment to whatever is happening in your life. Scientific research has shown these techniques can help you deal with stress in a positive way and learn new ways to relax and reduce anxiety.

For RYTs - This workshop fulfills 2 contact hours with Yoga Alliance in the Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics continuing education category.

Cost is $20

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Movement from the Inside Out

Join Tory Lonn as you explore different ways to activate the respiratory system. Learn how to work with Essential oils, Marma points (more commonly known as pressure points), Movement, and Breath to awaken the body and bring freedom to the lungs and heart.

$20 member
$25 non-member