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Summit Denton is one of our bouldering-only facility located right off the Denton Downtown Square. Originally a mattress factory, Summit converted this location to a climbing gym in 2015. We have also purchased the space next door to Summit Denton, formerly known as the Labb Sports Bar and Restaurant, and renovated it into a fitness area, circuit room and installed a MoonBoard (an electronic climbing training board). It features approx. 6,000 square feet of bouldering. This gym has an in-house yoga studio, that offers regular classes, as well as a Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Fitness area

introduction to our moonboard (electronic climbing training board)

What the heck is a MoonBoard?

It is a simple panelled climbing wall, 2.44m wide by 3.15m high, angled at 40 degrees and set with a selection of numbered holds consisting of crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets. The MoonBoard allow users all over the world to climb and train on the same problems as each other.

how does it work?

All MoonBoard holds are numbered and have a clear compass direction indicator. The MoonBoard LED system provides even easier identification of the problems. Beneath each MoonBoard t-nut position is an LED light, which is controlled by our MoonBoard App. When the user selects a problem on the App, the holds that make up that problem are illuminated by their corresponding LED lights.

Summit Denton
220 West Oak Street
Denton, Texas 76201

(940) 808 1107

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