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Check yourself before you wreck yourself — 5 tips to help prevent climbing injury

Tis the season for the weather to start getting cooler, and for us to start spending a lot more time climbing inside. Which is not necessarily a bad thing since we now have 4 locations to choose from for your plastic-pulling pleasure, but you guys better be careful that you're not steering yourselves towards injury with your training and climbing habits! There are many obvious ways to avoid injury in the gym — like not jumping headfirst off of Big Tex after every send, for example, or not starting fistfights with your other fellow climbers in the parking lot. 

The Art of the Proper Warm-Up

Your body is a machine. A finely-tuned burl-monster that crushes crimps into dust, alters the forces of gravity with every dyno, and mantels so hard the wall topples over. Or something like that, right? Like any machine, your body needs a proper warm-up before performing its mind-bending feats of strength. I mean, you can jam your foot on the accelerator straight after starting up your car, but your rig would go a lot faster a lot sooner if you let the engine warm-up a bit. It's science.