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The League of Extraordinary Boulderers: Bouldering League starts soon, so what's the deal with that anyways?

The League of Extraordinary Boulderers: Bouldering League starts soon, so what's the deal with that anyways?

Looking for a place to compete with your friends? Looking for a place to compete AGAINST your friends? Looking for a place to make new friends? LOOK NO FURTHER -  Summit Bouldering League is ALL THESE THINGS and MORE aka the BEST TIME EVER. WHAT HAS BECOME OF MY CAPS LOCK?!

Meet your Manager: Bryan Prater, GM of Summit Carrollton

Meet your Manager: Bryan Prater, GM of Summit Carrollton

We are very excited to announce that Bryan Prater is now the General Manager of our Carrollton gym! Bryan has been a long-time member and employee, and if you don't already know him and love him, then prepare for him to be your new favorite. Because he is one of the funniest, nicest guys. Next time you see him in the gym, definitely ask him about some of his epic stories — not all of which I could fit in this post, and the ones that I do mention, some of the magic is lost in my retelling. 

Witness the Fitness: a quick video of some hangboarding tips on our new hangboard station!

If you haven't been by our Carrollton location recently, we've added a really great training area upstairs! We got weights, bars, hangboards, and a bench — pretty much everything you'd need to get dat fitty (aka get fit!) To show you how to best utilize our brand new hangboard station, we made a quick little training video, on the basics / dos and don'ts of hangboards! Check it out, and add some hangboard training to your regimen!

SBS Season Opener at Summit Carrollton: final scores and photos

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to our first Summit Bouldering Comp of the season! You guys made it truly an awesome event. We've got everyone's final scores and standing calculated, so come check how you stacked up in your category! 

I Dunno About You, But We're Feeling 22: a Brief History of Summit Carrollton, One of the Country's Oldest Climbing Gyms

As we tore down the panelling to begin our reconstruction project at Summit Carrollton, the dust, chalk and God-knows-what-else from the past 22 years came pouring out of the gym's walls, like smoke from the microwave after you accidentally nuke a fork. (Similes are not my strong suit.) Besides giving us the anticipation of potential future lung problems, the dust brought with it some very strong feelings of nostalgia from a lot of us who have been climbing at this old climbing gym for the past few years. This gym — now Summit, but formerly Exposure — is one of the oldest climbing gyms in the state, as well as the country. A lot of people have graced its walls, (Climber Jack Mileski, who coined the term "beta," actually got his start at Exposure back in the day), and it's seen many, many changes throughout its 22-year history in the Dallas area.

Know Your Manager: David Michener, brand new GM of Summit Carrollton

We're very excited about the brand new GM at Summit Carrollton! He's been an employee of Summit Grapevine, but we shipped him off to Summit Carrollton, so we could steal Mackenzie and relocate her to GM of Grapevine, and ship Franny off to pursue his dream of being a bearded lady at the circus. (Or he's been promoted to Regional Manager. He's still a bearded lady, though.) David's a pretty quiet guy, known for his tattoos and swoopy blonde hair — which did you know, used to be crazy super long? But I sat him down and managed to get him to talk about himself long enough to get this blog post done. So here's a little Q&A so you can better know our newest GM and resident super-nice-guy, David.