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Incorporating Zero Waste into Climbing

Incorporating Zero Waste into Climbing

Zero waste and climbing.

“Zero waste” refers to the philosophy of refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling, with the ultimate goal of eliminating trash so that it does not end up in landfills, incinerators, or the ocean.

Initially, it may not seem like the two go together. BUT, the cool thing is, there are small things in all areas of our lives that we can do everyday to help reduce waste.

Video From Footloose 2019

Last month was our 80’s themed campus competition, the sends were super sick, exceptionally gnarly, and totally out of this world! (Is that enough 80’s slang?) Check out this wicked recap video from our Footloose Campus Competition!

Thanks to Tariq Lea for filming and editing!

Video From SBS 2018 Finale at Summit Fort Worth!

Here is the video from our Summit Bouldering Series Finale at Summit Fort Worth! What a way to wrap up the year, after watching this amazing video I’m already starting to look forward to SBS 2019. Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and make this year’s finale the incredible event it was!

Thank you to Tariq Lea for the incredible video!

12 Hours of Summit Suffering 2017 - Photos, results and recap!

12 Hours of Summit Suffering 2017 - Photos, results and recap!

Another 12 Hours of Summit Suffering in the books! Thanks to everyone who came out - whether you competed or spectated, Y'ALL ARE AWESOME. Here's a quick recap of this year's 12 Hours of Summit Suffering.

THE PSYCH IS HIGH — Here's a list of all the cool stuff entry into the 12HSS will get you!

THE PSYCH IS HIGH — Here's a list of all the cool stuff entry into the 12HSS will get you!

We're just over two weeks out from the 12 Hours of Summit Suffering competition! The stoke is so high - for those that have signed up already, here are some of the perks of you'll get from competing:

Routesetters - a shoutout to the folks who help make our gyms so great

Routesetters - a shoutout to the folks who help make our gyms so great

As the year comes to a close, we're left to reflect on our accomplishments of the past 365 days — miles driven, friends' birthdays Facebook had to remind you of, tinder dates never texted again — and for us climbers, routes climbed. For every route or problem you've climbed this year, there was a routesetter behind it — setting every hold, move, and tweaking every angle. It's actually a pretty insane amount of work - in 2017 alone, Summit routesetters set over 4,600 different routes and boulder problems. 

Know Your Routesetter: Jonathan Correll, setter for Summit Gyms

Know Your Routesetter: Jonathan Correll, setter for Summit Gyms

The guy responsible for everything set by "JC," Jon was the first routesetter to take part in our gym's routesetter intership program, and then become a full-time member of our setting crew! Not that it's a contest but he might be the tallest member of our setting crew. Not that his setting reflects that, cuz Jon is a versatile setter, who likes to set anything, as long as it gets people thinking! He's a super friendly guy, so here's a little bit more about the routesetter that is responsible for our setting crew's recent skateboarding obsession. 

How Life has Improved Since I Became a Climber: a not-so-serious look at the serious everyday life benefits of being a climber

Because climbers are a group that can notoriously laugh at ourselves, this week's blog post is sometimes subtle, but mostly not, nod to all the ways our lives have improved since we started rock climbing! Everyday tasks that were previously hard, are now simple thanks to our climber ingenuity / inhuman strength / alarming lack of patience / inability to give a crap. So how many of these things can you relate to?

SBS season closer and Denton's first-ever comp — final scores and pictures

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday night, for the last competition of our Summit Bouldering Series 2015 season! It was also the first comp we have ever held at our brand new Denton location, and I think it's safe to say we christened the place.

Meet your Manager: Adam Hughes, GM of Summit Denton

f you ever need advice on handstands ... then Adam Hughes is your man. Former assistant manager at Summit Dallas, this handstand master has recently taken over duties as the General Manager of Summit Denton, after its official opening this past Monday. If you don't understand what I mean by the handstands ... just spend some time at our new gym and you'll see Adam serenely bust out a few in his down time, when he isn't busy running Summit's first-ever built-from-scratch gym. 

Witness the Fitness: a quick video of some hangboarding tips on our new hangboard station!

If you haven't been by our Carrollton location recently, we've added a really great training area upstairs! We got weights, bars, hangboards, and a bench — pretty much everything you'd need to get dat fitty (aka get fit!) To show you how to best utilize our brand new hangboard station, we made a quick little training video, on the basics / dos and don'ts of hangboards! Check it out, and add some hangboard training to your regimen!

SBS Season Opener at Summit Carrollton: final scores and photos

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to our first Summit Bouldering Comp of the season! You guys made it truly an awesome event. We've got everyone's final scores and standing calculated, so come check how you stacked up in your category! 

You Know You're a Climber When : 30 tell-tales that you're a rock climber.

A lot of us don't realize the effect that climbing has had on our lives until we think about how normal people going about their daily business, i.e. not crimping on EVERYTHING and not putting one single sticker on their car. We climbers are a unique bunch, and we're not shy about just doing our thing! Here are some of the 30 subtle, and not so subtle ways that climbers make themselves be known.