Video From Footloose 2019

Last month was our 80’s themed campus competition, the sends were super sick, exceptionally gnarly, and totally out of this world! (Is that enough 80’s slang?) Check out this wicked recap video from our Footloose Campus Competition!

Thanks to Tariq Lea for filming and editing!

Video From SBS 2018 Finale at Summit Fort Worth!

Here is the video from our Summit Bouldering Series Finale at Summit Fort Worth! What a way to wrap up the year, after watching this amazing video I’m already starting to look forward to SBS 2019. Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and make this year’s finale the incredible event it was!

Thank you to Tariq Lea for the incredible video!

Reasons to compete in our redpoint rope competition next week

Reasons to compete in our redpoint rope competition next week

Hey you heard? Not only that bird is the word, but that we are having a redpoint rope competition next Friday, at Summit Grapevine! 

It's our first-ever rope competition, and we're very excited about it! If you're already sold, you can sign up or look at important stuff like the rules here — or, read on and we'll tell you why this comp is gonna be the!

SBS season closer and Denton's first-ever comp — final scores and pictures

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday night, for the last competition of our Summit Bouldering Series 2015 season! It was also the first comp we have ever held at our brand new Denton location, and I think it's safe to say we christened the place.

SBS Comp #2 at Summit Dallas: final rankings and photos galore

t was a very full house last Friday night during our second Summit Bouldering Series competition of the season, at Summit Dallas! We nearly floated five kegs (totally nuts, you guys) and had an exciting finale round on Big Tex, with Dallas climber Tanner Merkle and Arizona climber Mary Fox both flashing their final problems for the win in men's and women's! We've got final placements posted and hella photos, so take a look and see how ya did, and how ya looked doing it! Hint: you looked good.

SBS Season Opener at Summit Carrollton: final scores and photos

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to our first Summit Bouldering Comp of the season! You guys made it truly an awesome event. We've got everyone's final scores and standing calculated, so come check how you stacked up in your category! 

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered for 12 Hours Straight: a recap of our 12HSS comp

It's been almost two weeks since our 12HSS competition, and it was totally nuts — to put it the most mildly. Over 50 teams (and over 100 climbers) climbed for 12 hours straight at three different gyms, and made thousands of sends, and climbed for miles — literally. In this post we've got a collection of what everyone climbed, how far, and their total points as well as their standing in their category. Towards the end we'll have a mini-photo album, collected from all of your Instagram photos! Here's the run-down of just how impressive all that climbing was: All in all, competitors climbed 41.7 miles at three gyms about the distance from the center of Dallas all the way to Denton, but in vertical climbing feet!

12 Hours of Summit Suffering: Half a Day to Slay!

Most of you have perhaps already heard of / competed in the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition, at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, AR. We have quite a large community of Horseshoe Hell competitors among us here at Summit, so we wanted to create an event that might help them train for climbing for 24 hours straight — or for those of you who think that's nuts, but maybe climbing for just 12 hours straight in a gym with air-conditioning and no approach sounds more your speed.

Coffee, Donuts, and Other November News

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Coffee and Donuts - Every Saturday

As a treat to our members, we have decided to offer you free coffee and donuts every Saturday during November from 9am until 11am. We will be doing this at all of our Summit locations. So come out and hang out with our staff and enjoy some free coffee and donuts!




Summit Comp Series - Nov. 14

This is the 3rd and final competition of the series. There are only two words you need to hear about this event...FREE BEER. That's right. Along with the free beer, we will also have free food, cash & gift card prizes, brand new boulder problems spread throughout the gym, and of course sweet jams all throughout the night. You must be 18 years old or older to compete. Click here to sign up because spots are filling up fast!




Black Friday Special - Nov. 28

Do you hate going anywhere the day after Thanksgiving? Well, you won't hate coming to Summit because we are having a special! It's only $12 to rock climb and do yoga at any Summit location all day long on Black Friday (rental gear is included).




Small Business Saturday - Nov. 29

Support your local small businesses! Oh wait.. Summit is a local small business! That means you should support us by coming to any Summit location on Nov. 29 and rock climb and do yoga for only $12 all day long. That's not all.. we will also have some sweet gear shop discounts for you!




Late Night Climbing - Nov. 28

Escape your family, or bring them along to any Summit location on Nov. 28 for some late night climbing fun! It's only $5 to climb from 10pm until 2am with all rental gear included. So tell your family and friends to spend Friday night rock climbing with you at Summit!




Summit Yoga Has Been Revamped

Yoga can be a huge compliment to climbing. That's why we have redesigned out yoga classes to help improve your rock climbing! We have many different types of yoga classes that will help you crush some rock climbs! Check out our yoga schedule to find a class that's perfect for you!





New Training Area in Grapevine

Attention Summit Grapevine patrons.. The wait is over.. We are building a brand spankin' new training area just for you! You are going to have campus boards, a systems wall, a salmon ladder, a secret handboard lair, and so much more cool stuff to train on! We can't wait for you to get so strong in this new addition to Summit Grapevine!




Volunteers Needed - Nov. 15

On Nov. 15 we will be having a USA Climbing sanctioned youth bouldering competition at Summit Carrollton. The competition will run from 9am until about 4pm. We need volunteers to help get these kids up the walls! Even if you can't help out the entire day, any time you have will be appreciated. If you are at all interested in helping, please send an email to and let Stan know when you are available.


The Dallas Open Bouldering Competition

At Summit, we like to pride ourselves in hosting great competitions. We've hosted championship USA Climbing events as well as super fun bouldering competitions for all ability levels. In just under a month we are starting another series of bouldering competitions beginning with The Dallas Open on February 14 (yes we know it's Valentine's Day, but come know you want to come) followed by The Grapevine Open in April and The Carrollton Open in June. Climbers will compete with others in own ability levels and genders. So you don't need to worry about going up against someone who crazy strong, unless of course you sign up in their category. These events are all about getting climbers together to have an awesome time. With free beer and food included in the price of admission, it's pretty much a party.

The first part of the competition is redpoint style. Our route setting crew, who we like to believe is the best in the country, sets a ton of brand new boulder problems for you to try as many times as you want, each one having its own point value. Your top five scores is what determines your place. Your place determines how big of a Summit gift card you receive. The top three people in each category will be the ones who get this oh so coveted prize.

But wait, that's not all. The top five in the men's and women's "open" categories (you know, the really strong climbers) will move on to a sudden death one boulder problem onsight final. We turn off all the lights and spotlight them as they try to achieve victory! They will have five minutes to attempt the boulder problem, and whoever gets the farthest wins. It's as simple as that. Oh yeah and the winner gets $100.

This is a great event for all climbers to either compete for themselves or just show up and show their support for others. Climbers from across the state and sometimes even from across the country have shown up to hang out and climb with us Dallas/Fort Worth folk. So come one come all! We assure you that you'll have a great time. Don't believe us, check out this video from one of out previous competitions.

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