Introducing the Women of Summit Corporate

In the past 18 months, Summit has promoted six women into its corporate office bringing us up to a 50% ratio (in corporate AND the company as a whole)!  With Lady Crushers booming and two women’s comps under our belt, we thought it was time to introduce you to the ladies behind the peaks- here’s a look at the Women of Summit-Corporate.

Becky Coltrain- Programs Director

With Summit since May 2016


First up we have Becky Coltrain! If you frequent our Denton gym, you’re sure to know Becky by her smiling face and sweet disposition, but don’t be fooled! Becky runs a tight ship as the director of our groups and camps department. Determined to turn our Summit birthday party guests and camp-goers into the next generation of crushers, Becky comes up with the fun and challenging activities that keep kids entertained all day at an affordable price. On top of curriculum, she manages the camp schedules and staff of all 7 locations without even flinching.

What does being a woman in this industry mean to you?

The fitness industry is portrayed as a typically male dominated industry. This perception is what makes me so proud to be a Director at Summit. I want to break barriers. I want to show that I can work hard and do a phenomenal job. Now, being in the position I am in, I am able to present opportunities similar to the one I was given, to others.

Jennie Pierce- Director of Yoga Teacher Training

With Summit since May 2017


Did you know that Summit offers a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training? Did you know that the department is run by badass Jennie Pierce? Jennie is the best mix of fierce and bubbly. She pushes her students to go beyond their limits while maintaining a fun and friendly environment (really, these people come out of training as BFFs y'all). She wants to show the Summit community that YTT isn’t just for expert yogis, but for anyone interested in learning more about yoga, movement, or their body!

Cheyenne Lambertson- Competitions Director

With Summit since August 2016


Next up we have Cheyenne Lambertson- Competition Director! You know how awesome Summit comps are right? RIGHT? Well if you don’t, you desperately need to check them out (seriously, look at past blogs for some rad recaps). For two years, Cheyenne was a helping hand at each and every comp as an events manager for Summit Dallas- that is until everyone noticed how crucial she is and decided to give her her very own department dedicated to planning, running, and managing competitions. She does the most to give our members the best night of their lives over-and-over again from beer, to dope prizes, to our incredible VIP area! Caring for our community isn’t just her job, it’s her passion

Girl power inspiration?

Michelle Obama. Duh.

Christine Pullen- Fitness Director

With Summit since November 2017


Have you taken our new ClimbFit class, gotten swole in Fort Worth or Denton’s new fitness areas, or learned some Stretch and Recovery techniques at one of our workshops? Well you have Christine Pullen to thank for that. From humble beginnings at the Dallas front desk, our girl has taken Summit’s fitness department by storm since becoming its first official director in November 2018! Her goal? To give our members more options than any typical climbing gym (or fitness gym for that matter). With plenty of workshops and class and more on their way, Christine is helping build a stronger foundation for our members (ya know, because you’re gonna get stronger?).

What does Summit do to empower women?

There is a shared excitement amongst all of Summit management to empower and give opportunity to women, both in our gyms and in our workplace. This culture without a doubt starts with our owners, who are continually reminding us of our value in this industry and spurring us on to do the same for the incredible community of women in our gyms.

Sidney Trujillo- Events Director

With Summit since May 2015


And now for the longest standing employee amongst us: Sidney Trijillo. She heads up Summit’s Events department. You know that awesome video game night? Or Fort Worth’s jungle party?? Yeah, all under the direction of Sidney! She and her team come up with the coolest, most unique member events- something we truly pride ourselves on here at Summit. She’s been working for the department for a few years and recently took over as director aimed to get our community connected and psyched!

Sarah McDowell- Director of Yoga Operations

With Summit since September 2015


Not far behind her in time is our yoga director, Sarah McDowell! Sarah manages our amazing yoga classes and workshops at Summit! Not only is she a seasoned yogi, but she also crushes hard on the wall. Her goal is to let climbers know that yoga isn’t just for backbends and handstands, but that it gives you the strength and mobility you need for the send! She’s focused on further integrating the climbing and yoga communities by showing us how the two disciplines can complement one another- after all, we’re all just a bunch of dirtbag hippies anyway, right?

Marisa Romero- Team Texas Head Coach

With Summit since 2016

IMG_4139 2.JPG

Have you ever been at the gym and thought “who are these little kids crushing all my projects??” Well chances are, those are Marisa Romero’s Team Texas climbing prodigies. Growing up as a team kid, Marisa just wanted to pour into the next generation of pros. After aging out of youth competitions and after working with the team, she became its head coach! You know how they say “those who can’t do, teach?” Well this phrase loses all meaning when it comes to Marisa because she crushes in every comp we throw as well as any real rock she pulls on.

Brianna Escobar- Director of Human Resources, Lady Crushers League

With Summit since August 2016


Last up is me! I’m Brianna Escobar, Director of Human Resources and Lady Crushers! Like most of these ladies, I got my start at front desk with the Carrollton nerds. I was asked to come aboard full-time around this time last year and I’ve never loved a job more. I do a lot of paperwork and reports, but the best part of my job is when I get to make the Summit staff feel valued (which they are greatly- we wouldn’t have this community without them!!). My other, equally favorite part is running the Lady Crushers League where I get to work with and empower the strong, bold women of our Summit community!

Why is the outdoor industry important for women?

Historically, the outdoor industry in this country has been dominated by white men. I’m excited to be a part of it at this capacity and I’m so thankful that Summit gives me the platform to use my voice. Not only can I advocate for other women, but I’m privileged to be in a position where I can use my voice to advocate for people whose voices aren’t as valued. I love being a part of the climbing community because, while some people may judge or discriminate, I’ve found a diverse group that is only here to empower.