Results and photos from the SBS Season Opener at Summit Carrollton!

SBS comp #1 for the 2018 is in the books! We’re not sure what y’all crushed more of … tacos or boulder problems. Either way, the night was awesome! Our brand new VIP section was lit, with hammocks, free massages and even a VIP keg! Sign up is open now for our Oct. 26th competition at Summit Dallas! It is gonna be HALLOWEEN-THEMED so if you don’t dress up, you’ll probably be disqualified or something. At the very least we’ll tow your car. Anyways - here’s what you came for - the results from the comp, followed by some photos, provided by Kai Nacis!

RESULTS HERE! Navigate the tabs at the bottom to find your category!

Gallery #1! Click through to see all the photos!

Gallery #2! Click through to see all the photos!