Ittttttttt's that time again! Time for our annual Summit Bouldering Series! For the uninitiated - it is our annual bouldering competition series that happens every fall! We have a series of four competitions this year - here are the dates!

Sep. 21st @ Summit Carrollton - SIGN UP OPEN

Oct. 26th @ Summit Dallas

Nov. 16th @ Summit Denton

Dec. 14th @ Summit Fort Worth

QUICK CHECK YOUR CALENDARS. Can you make all four dates? If you can, we have a Season Pass available if you sign up now! This gets you competitor entry to all four comps, and saves ya $20 on registration! 

What does the SBS usually entail? Well - the competition starts at 7 pm on the dot (must be 16+ to compete), an y'all have until 10 pm to boulder your heart out on a completely re-done bouldering set! EVERYTHING will be fresh and new! We'll have everyone split up by gender, and also category: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or Open, so sign up in whichever category fits you best (there is a category breakdown on the sign up if you are not sure where you would fall.) You don't have to be a pro climber to compete - EVERYONE is welcome! We'll have free food for everyone, as well as FREE BEER for those 21+. The lovely and incredible Pan Ector will be coming out, and live printing SBS / Summit tees! After tallying the scores, we take the top 5 from the Open categories, and pit them against each other in an exciting Finals! After Finals we have awards, where we award cash prizes to the top 3 in every category. Sound cool? YOU BET IT DOES.

New for this SBS, is the VIP pass! Get the most from your SBS registration! What does VIP come with? ONLY THE COOLEST STUFF! 

  • FREE tee-shirt of your choice from Pan Ector live printing
  • Access to VIP lounge, which will feature its own food service, a VIP keg (hello, no line!), hammocks to hang out in, a great view of finals, and FREE massages
  • Entry into the VIP raffle, with Summit and Adidas swag!

Finally, let's conclude with some previous media from SBS comps, in case my incredibly skillful description was not enough. Sometimes ... words just cannot do the SBS justice.