12HSS 2018!!!!! Results and photos from our annual suffer-fest!

Dang, what a weekend! This Saturday was our annual 12 Hours of Summit Suffering, our favorite event of the year to host! This one was definitely an incredible one - we had 250 COMPETITORS climb from 9 am to 9 pm at all FIVE Summit locations! They climbed, they took classes, they dressed up, they CONQUERED. Here is a brief recap from the event - click through our photo gallery to see our brave competitors / staff throughout the event!

A note on scoring: We tried a new submission system this year, to eliminate the possibility of human error on our end when it comes to inputting. As you can imagine, with a competition of this size that allows 250 competitors to climb and submit scores at 5 different gyms, the thought of manually tallying all the scores seemed inefficient. So we devised an online submission system, with a backup system in case the first one goes down. It was bombproof. Or so we thought. Our online scoring system went down in a way we did not predict, and was hard to diagnose. At times, an individual's scores would populate 2, sometimes 3 times. Other times, their submission did not come through at all. We tried our best during the day to manage outages as they were happening, but it has become obvious to us that the issue was more widespread than we thought. After some review, we have discovered that certain competitors submissions from certain gyms never made it to our final tally on Saturday. Especially submissions that were made during the last few minutes of the comp, the increased internet traffic jammed some submissions, with little to no warning. Unfortunately missing scores proved to have a pretty large effect on the final standings - since the margin of error was so large. The link below reflects what should have been announced on Saturday night — after we have been able to recapture missed submissions, while sifting out the duplicates (this has taken awhile, since we had nearly 1,000 submissions cuz y'all are animals and climbed like crazy). We are not psyched on the errors, to say the least. Our goal with this year's scoring system was to provide ease of submission on the entrant's part, while putting them in control of their own scores, as well as eliminate the possibility of human error on our end. It's obvious to us now that we did not accomplish that, and we are disappointed with the results. Our sincerest apologies to those competitors who were affected. Our goal, every year with the 12HSS, is to throw the biggest, baddest indoor comp ever - our effort to improve our scoring this year proved not to be the solution we were looking for, so we are back to the drawing board for next year's scoring. We promise to learn from our mistakes, and make next year's scoring what this year's was supposed to be. You can see the results, here.

A HUGE shoutout to team Victorious Secret, for winning the overall team prize and snagging a spot at this year's 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell! Also another shoutout to team Sendiana Jones, for stealing our hearts and winning both the Best Team Name and Best Team Costume awards! ANOTHER shout-out to Omar Acosta, for winning our #12HSS instagram contest!!!!

Mileage shoutout: 

Folks who made the mile high club!

Joel Sandoval

Kim Hubbard (climbed the most at 1.79 miles!)

Rebecca Burgmeier

Kyle Horstman

and Scott Smith!

Now here come the THANKS YOUS: To everyone who attended! To all the staff members that dedicated themselves to making this event the best yet. To our very talented member Ethan Barnes who friggin made the epic glass trophy we handed out to the top team! Thanks to Scarpa and Petzl for sending out their super awesome rep Connor, who was slinging margaritas and judging people during the Belaytionship challenge all night during the after party, AND who also sponsored the 12HSS Nalgene every competitor received in their swag bag! Super thanks to member Hank, who makes our 12HSS shirt design every year and ups the ante SO much every year! Thanks to Pan Ector for not only printing our awesome competitor shirt, but live printing during the party, as well! If you took a nap at the after-party, it was because Eno gave us a demo fleet to hang in the bouldering cave! Thanks to Kai Nacis for taking all photos during the day, and Tariq Lea for shooting the 12 Hour video to come! Thanks to Endless Rope for letting us borrow one of your machines for added challenges during the party. Thanks to the American Alpine Club, North Texas chapter, for coming out to the after-party and for sponsoring the metal pint glasses that every competitor went home with! Because beer is life, gotta give a shoutout to The Bearded Monk for being our beer liaison, and snagging us some dope brews from Avery Brewing. Did you get a popsicle that night? It was a thanks to Social Ice for bringing out some alcoholic wine pops! Other sponsors, who donated towards our incredible raffle: Black Diamond for raffle swag and bottle openers for the swag bag, Cotopaxi for donating like A MILLION of their incredible backpacks, Athleta for a gift card, Manduka for a yoga mat, Trango for the incredible crag bags, E9 for raffle swag, Evolv for coming out to demo, for some shoe certs and the chalk brush in every swag bag, Metolius for chalk for most competitors, Sterling for raffle ROPES, Friction Labs for chalk for every competitor, Topo Designs for raffle swag, Boulder Denim for raffle certificates AND coupons for every competitor, Kalahari Biltong for beef snacks for every competitor, High Brew for coffee for every competitor, Iconic Protein for protein drinks for every competitor, Kelty for a raffle tent, Monarch Mountain for raffle ski passes and koozies for every competitor, Prana for the swag bags for every competitor, Whole Earth Provisions, Co for certificates for every competitor, Butora for raffle shoe certs, and Epic Provisions for bars for every competitor, and High Point Expeditions for raffle trips!