Ready to do some Spring Cleaning ... like ... CLEANING UP THE COMPETITION?!

Happy Spring, y'all! We're celebrating the only way we know how, with a party and a comp! And this isn't just any party comp ... it's the Spring Open! This year, the weather is gonna be GREAT and we're taking the party to the streets ... or, at least, the parking lot of Summit Carrollton. We're gonna have a huge luau-themed block party out in the parking lot, with games, tacos, beer, Dallas Pets Alive! adoption van and a SCAVENGER HUNT. We'll also be hosting a gear swap - bring your old gear and either sell or swap it with other party goers! Sound awesome? Because it is!

Here's the timeline of the day:

Check-in starts at 2 pm (this is a Saturday event, so we are making it longer and better!) Competitor entry is $25, and SPECTATING IS FREE. Wanna be bougie? VIP competitor tickets are $50, and spectator VIP is $25. (More on VIP below!)

Climbing starts at 3 pm

Climbing ends at 6 pm

Block party runs from 6pm to 8 pm, with games, beer, tacos, Dallas Pets Alive! pet adoption, a scavenger hunt, gear swap, gear SALES galore and Steel City Pops! Pan Ector will be coming out as usual to live-print some awesome shirts.The whole thing is gonna be luau-themed, so wear your Hawaiian shirts! We'll be handing out leis! Sound dope?!

At 8 pm, Finals begin! We are doing Finals for both the Advanced and Open competitors. AND we are doing three problems per category, so Finals will be longer, and more exciting, and allow our route setters to get a bit more ... creative. As usual, we will also be live-streaming the Finals to our Facebook and Youtube! We are expecting Finals to wrap up around 10 pm.

I just bought an industrial-sized amount of leis, so I think it's safe to say we are super psyched on this event, and we hope y'all are too. Spots are still available now, sign up below! AND for the first time ever, we are doing a VIP program for this competition. For $25 more, you get access to the VIP Lounge, with its own food station and a special VIP keg! You'll also get a free live-printed      t-shirt of your choice from Pan Ector, and entry to our VIP raffle, where we'll be giving away some pretty big gear, JUST to our VIPs! Come be a part of our inaugural VIP crew - this is available to both spectators AND competitors.

Want to stay on top of the latest on this event? RSVP on our Facebook event - we're posting a lot about what will be going on at the comp, so if you wanna be part of the conversation, please join the event!