You Down with YTT? We're Halfway! The second installment of a new yogi's experience of the Summit Yoga Teacher Training program.

You don’t know what tired is until you’ve worked a full-time job during the week and done YTT on the weekends for a whole month. But — I don't really miss laying around on Saturdays and being bored on Sundays. As tired and sore as I am, it's pretty rewarding to spend my time with a fantastic group of people who are all trying to better themselves. I've also learned that the human body is super neat. I never thought I would say that because biology freaked me out as a kid, but really it's pretty fascinating how much our bodies are capable of. After the first weekend, I thought that this was a cool experience. I was satisfied with my decision, even though I was still pretty intimidated. After the second weekend, my mentality was changing, and I knew that I had already gotten my money’s worth.

Soon-to-be yoga teacher Stephanie Quinn during her yoga teacher training at Summit Dallas.

Soon-to-be yoga teacher Stephanie Quinn during her yoga teacher training at Summit Dallas.

YTT is a lot more than just practicing yoga and attempting to teach — it’s also history, philosophy, anatomy, ethics, communication skills, meditation, and a bunch of other things, all rolled up into something that makes your body feel great and your mind strong. And one of our goals as teachers is to give you a little more insight into these various aspects of yoga in each class. There’s so much intention that goes into each class, and I challenge you all to really pay attention to it. Since starting YTT, every time I practice yoga at Summit, I come away with much more than I used to. It feels a lot more rewarding to get onto my mat.

In addition to a more enriching personal practice, one of my favorite things about YTT is witnessing the growth of my classmates. Every weekend, we’re asked if we see our own improvement as teachers. My response is always the same — I don’t really see my own personal improvement (even though I know I am getting better), but I see so much growth from my friends, and it’s inspiring. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway. Time flies when you have zero days of rest. In just another month, we’ll be brand new little baby yoga teachers coming to a studio near you!

P.s. Come hang out with us at our Community Class on graduation day!