The League of Extraordinary Boulderers - it's Bouldering League Season again!

Bouldering League starts next week! Just what is Bouldering League and why should you care?! Bouldering League is our way of bringing climbers of all different abilities together to compete against each other, push themselves, and hang out with folks they might not have otherwise met! It's easy to get in a rut while climbing - you come in on the same days, hang out with the same people, and only get on problems that are within your comfort zone. Well, Bouldering League will snap you out of that funk, with the added promise of being really friggin' fun. 

Last year's finalists at our Finals at Summit Carrollton! Peep those custom trophies!

Last year's finalists at our Finals at Summit Carrollton! Peep those custom trophies!

So just how do we plan on accomplishing all this? With MAGIC?! Aaaand through this simple League structure:

The League will meet once a week on different days at each gym.

Denton will be Mondays.

Dallas will be Tuesdays.

Carrollton will be Wednesdays.

And Fort Worth will be Thursdays.

Pick a gym to participate at, find a team of 4 to 6 comrades and/or acquaintances to sign up, too - or, sign up solo and we will pair you with other solo sign-ups to make a team (this is great way to meet new people!) and then, pick a handicap. Your handicap is easy to figure - just pick the hardest V-grade you can send in one climbing session - make sure to not shortchange yourself! Signing up is just $15!!!! That covers four consecutive weeks of League meets, and a Bouldering League Finals competition, with FREE BEER!

Once you've signed up, show up with your team at your gym's designated League meet day. Meets run from 6 to 9 pm - don't be late, to make sure you have the most time possible to climb! You have those three hours to climb as hard as you can! Don't worry so much about the competition - with our handicap system, V3 climbers can beat V10 climbers ... or even VBILLION climbers. It's not about the numbers — it's about consistency so the SKY'S THE LIMIT ... IF YOU CAN CLIMB THAT HIGH. (Not recommended - our bouldering wall's kinda max out at like 15 feet and you will not get bonus points for climbing that high.) You get 100 points for every problem sent at your handicap - send below your handicap and get less points. Send above aaaaaaand MORE POINTS! But - if you send too hard above your handicap, we'll bump up your handicap, to keep you challenged! 

In addition to climbing on all the regular problems at the gym, we will have a NEW SET put up, all fresh n clean, on League Days! That new set will be OFF LIMITS to League climbers, until they are ready to send ... DUN DUN DUN ... their Challenge Problem! Your Challenge Problem is the hardest problem you can send on the new set - BUT you only have FIVE tries on the new set to get your Challenge Problem. 

We then combine the score from your hardest sent Challenge Problem with the four hardest problems you sent throughout the rest of the night to compile your score! Then, we'll calculate your team score by taking the top FOUR performers from your team and combining their score together. You're at an advantage if you have more than four members on your team - you can drop the lowest performer's score if they are having an off week.

After four weeks of these meets, we'll take the number one team from every gym and pit them together in an exciting finals, which every bouldering league participant + a plus one can attend! We'll have FREE BEER there so come cheer on your friends and fellow gym-goers.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here! Scroll down to find the Fort Worth tickets.