12 Hours of Summit Suffering 2017 - Photos, results and recap!

Another 12 Hours of Summit Suffering in the books! Thanks to everyone who came out - whether you competed or spectated, Y'ALL ARE AWESOME. Here's a quick recap of this year's 12 Hours of Summit Suffering.

Sean Vallefuoco got first in the distance challenge, and won a chalkbag signed by the Honnold himself! He climbed 6,751 feet - the equivalent of over a mile and 1/4 in just 12 hours! Overall, y'all climbed over 383,874 feet! That/s nearly 73 MILES. Or 132 and a half Freeriders. Like what.

Sean Vallefuoco and his teammate Andrew Duffy took the team overall, and won spots to compete in this year's 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell!

Here's a quick photo gallery - thanks to Jimmy Paenkhay for taking all these awesome shots! Click to see more photos.

There were some crazy and definitely not-ideal-to-climb-in costumes — dinosuars, unicorns, pirates, and chickens to just name a few were running laps up and down our walls! 

Finally, without the support of our sponsors, this competition would be nothing! Another HUGE shoutout to these guys