THE PSYCH IS HIGH — Here's a list of all the cool stuff entry into the 12HSS will get you!

We're just over two weeks out from the 12 Hours of Summit Suffering competition! The stoke is so high - for those that have signed up already, here are some of the perks of you'll get from competing:

The shirt:

Thanks to Pan Ector Industries for once again being the best screen printing company this side of ... the universe. (We can't speak for the screen printing companies in space but we're certain they're the best here on Earth.)

The swag

Every competitor also gets a sweet swag bag - what's in those is gonna be a surprise, but we can tell you that instead of a tote bag, we're putting everything in a custom 12HSS chalk bucket!

We'll have folks like High Brew, Iconic Protein and Holy Kombucha coming out during the competition to sling samples of their deliciousness at you! Climbing for 12 hours straight won't feel so bad when you're vibrating from a mixture of caffeine, protein and probiotics! 

Chipotle was awesome and gave us a 2 for 1 pass for every competitor - lunch is halfway on them so you can stop at any of the like, 3 million Chipotle locations here in Dallas while you're shuttling between gyms and starting to get hungry.

The shindig

As for the after-party, we're getting beer from Rahr and Sons and Shannon Brewing to get the party started! Petzl and Scarpa were lovely enough to get custom 12HSS pint glasses made up for the competition - every competitor gets one, but there will be a few for sale that night. Pan Ector will be live printing shirts, and we'll have dinner for all the competitors from The Rustic. We'll have raffle goodies galore for all the competitors - from 8b+, Asana Climbing, Butora, E9, Hippy Tree, Arc'teryx, CampKammok, Organic Climbing, Prana, Sendero Provisions, La Sportiva, more stuff from Petzl and Scarpa, Friction Labs, more stuff from Iconic and High Brew, Sterling Ropes, Metolius, Black Diamond, and High Point Expeditions, and more!

There will be an awards ceremony, as well, with medals engraved by the amazing Amanda Marder, and a glass trophy for the winning team made by Ethan Barnes! The top team will go home with entry to the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition!

Thanks to all our sponsors! Y'all are so awesome!