Bang for your buck - why TRX classes are just another benefit of being a member at Summit

Here at Summit we pride ourselves in being more than just climbing gyms — we're yoga studios, workout spaces, and fitness class providers. We recently branched out our fitness classes to include TRX suspension training classes, and we're very excited to be expanding our TRX classes, with more class types and times. If you haven't tried one of our TRX classes, yet, here is a bit more about the classes, and their benefits for your climbing, and your overall fitness. 

So here it is, our new TRX class schedule! Classes in red are new to our schedule!

So just what are the new classes all about? 

TRX PULL CLASS - Coming to Mondays & Thursdays

Climbing involves using your muscles in a complex way through all 3 planes of motion — Transverse, Saggital and Frontal. Did you know that TRX exercises work your body in all 3 planes of movement?  

Practice using your pull muscle groups while learning how to monitor total core engagement.  No better additional to your workout schedule than Summit TRX Pull Classes.

TRX PUSH CLASS - Coming to Mondays & Thursdays

Climbing is all about using our pull muscle groups on the wall.  Push muscle groups need the same workout to avoid injury and maintain overall muscle balance.   Summit's TRX Push class works your most vulnerable areas, like shoulders and hips with a strategic combination of TRX push exercises.  Be sure to include this class in your weekly workout schedule at Summit!

TRX CORE CLASS - Coming to Wednesdays

Unlike traditional abs classes that are taken laying flat on your back, TRX Climber Core Training develops your core strength by moving you dynamically in and out of positions that challenge your center of gravity, just like climbing!  TRX training will teach you how to connect your core to each of your moves on the climbing wall.  

Summit TRX instructor Will Spears says he uses TRX classes as an alternative workout when he doesn't feel like climbing, or has a finger injury. Since climbing is a very finger-intensive sport (unless you want to spend your days crack climbing ... not that there's anything wrong with that ...), it's hard to find ways to stay in climbing shape without doing more damage to an injured finger. Depending on the finger injury, TRX can keep your climbing muscles strong while you give your finger the rest it needs. 

It's also a great way to strengthen your grip and wrists - while TRX is a low-impact activity, its continuous engagement of your muscles builds up their endurance steadily. Also since TRX is a bodyweight exercise, it's easier to scale the difficulty of each workout. No more fumbling with weights — each TRX workout is entirely up to you, whether it's how many reps you do, or how far into each position you get.

"TRX workouts are all time based, so you aren't pressured to go all out if you don't want to," says Will Spears. "You can do as many or as few reps as you want during the amount of time we spend on each exercise. It’s not like you have to do a thousand reps — you can only do five if you want to. If that’s all you can do that’s great. It’s a great way to build up your strength, besides just going to the gym and lifting weights mindlessly."

Will says he has also noticed an unexpected benefit from taking so much TRX — he has noticed a huge difference in his flexibility since starting to do TRX on a regular basis. And one thing that LITERALLY. EVERY. CLIMBER. EVER could benefit from having a stronger core, and TRX classes require that you have your core engaged the whole time, which will get you a crazy six-pack fast ... or close enough! Especially now that we have added a core specific TRX class to the schedule, prepare to get so ripped, so fast!

For now our TRX classes are just a benefit for members only. If you're a member of Summit, you should come give one of these classes a try — it literally comes with your membership! If you're coming to Summit and just roping up, or slipping on your shoes to boulder, then you're not getting the most out of your membership — we're so much more than just climbing gyms!

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