Try something new with TRX!

When it comes to fitness nowadays, there are plenty of newfangled machines you can buy to get you fit - row machines, stationary bikes, even the Shake Weight promises you results in 3 short payments of $19.95*. (*Editor's note: I have no idea how much the Shake Weight actually costs - you can dispute this with me if you want, then you'd have to admit you actually bought one of these things ... ) But who would have thought that it takes nothing more than two straps and your own body weight to whip you into shape? TRX, the latest addition to Summit's fitness class offerings, is a full-body workout that's quick to learn and a lot of fun — you won't realize you're even working out until you're crazy sore the next day.

So what exactly is TRX? In short, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise - instead of adding lots of arbitrary weights, TRX lets your bodyweight, and good ol' gravity do the trick to get you one of the hardest, most effective workouts you've ever done. Using just two straps suspended from the ceiling, you can perform hundreds of different exercises to train your core, strengthen your stabilizer muscles (important for climbers!) and eliminate any weak areas you might deal with. And TRX is quick - just a 45-minute class is enough to get you all the workout you need to get fit and become a better climber or yogi! 

 And every exercise is adjustable —best yet, if things get too challenging, simply adjust your body position to either decrease or increase the resistance. TRX helps you develop more functional strength, since it takes movements we all do everyday and turns them into a workout. 

An example of a TRX exercise:

No climber can ever have enough core, right? TRX keeps your core engaged the entire time, greatly increasing the gains you'll see from each workout. 

Born from the Navy SEALS, TRX will develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability at the same time. Sound like your thing? Check our schedule here! We currently offer classes Monday through Saturday, at our Dallas location only. For now since our class sizes are so small, we can only accomodate Summit members in our classes.

For climbers, TRX could be a good way to prevent injury. By training opposition muscles as well as strengthening stabilizer muscles, TRX can help reduce the risk of injury by balancing out your body. Best yet, TRX is great for beginners! Once you get the hang of it, it is a very fun and effective workout. We are very excited to add it to our fitness schedule — we hope to see a lot of y'all trying it out!