Couples who climb together, stay together – couples who met at a Summit Gym

It's Valentine's Day! Whether you care or not ... it's here! In honor of Valentine's Day, we rounded up some of the folks who met their significant other here at our gyms, and got their stories. It's really amazing the amount of relationships that have started at our gyms — we snagged a few of our happy couples to tell us how they met! So if you find yourself alone this Valentine's Day, don't fret — A. Because it is a totally arbitrary holiday! and B. because there might totally be someone for you at the gym right now!

Lauren and Kyle

Kyle Clinkscales, who some of you might recognize as the owner of Summit Gyms, met his wife at Summit Carrollton back when it was still Exposure, and way before he actually owned the place. Lauren had come in to climb with her then-boyfriend, and Kyle (then just the coach of Team Texas)  was not deterred by her male companionship. Kyle had just come back from attending the Youth World Championships in Scotland, and noticed Lauren was wearing a Waterloo shirt. So he started chatting her up on how he had visited the Waterloo Tube stop in London, blah blah blah and how cool his travels had been. There was an awkward pause, after which Lauren told him, "Yeah ... this is a Waterloo Records shirt ... it's a record store in Austin ... " COOLNESS DENIED. Kyle slunk away, plotting next time's pickup line. He soon saw her again in the gym, climbing by herself. They struck up a conversation about live music (she was living in Deep Ellum at the time, and he pretended to be much cooler than he actually is  — most nights, he was going home after work to drink wine and watch Will & Grace with his roommate, Kirk.) Lauren burned him a CD of some cool kid music, and he asked her out. Or so she thought — she arrived at the bar to find Kyle AND a group of his friends hanging out. The two eventually went on a real date, just the two of them, and have become inseparable ever since. After dating for a year, Kyle asked her to marry him at the Dallas Arboretum. Just one problem - he forgot the ring. So the story goes, he dropped down to one knee and said, "So I forgot the ring, but here's a box of chocolates — do you wanna?" And her response was more or less, "I guess." and they've been happily married for over 10 years, with two of the cutest kids on the planet.

Kaylea and Aaron

Kaylea and Aaron first met three years ago in abs class at Summit Carrollton. Amidst their suffering, Aaron made a joke about the abs instructor, Kellar, and Kaylea was immediately smitten. She doesn't remember the joke, exactly, but remembers that it made her crack up. They initially exchanged information during a fundraiser that Kaylea threw at the gym, but from there she got Aaron — typically a boulderer — to climb on ropes, and also jump out of an airplane. Yup. She mentioned early into their relationship that she wanted to skydive for her birthday, so their second real date was hurtling thousands of feet from an airplane to the ground. Kayle says, "Yeah, we had known each other for two weeks and went skydiving." 

That's commitment! They got engaged after dating for nine months, and were married in Yosemite National Park last May!

Fabi and Gavin

Fabi remembers climbing at Summit Dallas for a full year before ever noticing Gavin. He was a friend of a friend who also happened to attend the same school as her. He had seen her on campus before, and asked her about her schooling while she and a friend were climbing at Dallas. Her initial reaction was "Uhh ... how do you know I go to SMU?" but the two got to talking about a mutual interest — trail running — and a date was set to run together with their mutual friend. The mutual friend bailed the morning of (she knew better!) and the two struck up a friendship that turned into a little something more. They got much closer after Fabi joined Gavin and his son Jackson on the 7-hour drive to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.  Jackson, who at the time was 5-years-old, immediately declared that Fabi was HIS girlfriend — so after the two were officially dating, Gavin had to break the news gently to the little guy, who was apparently only mad "for a little bit." The two started dating in March of 2014, and got engaged at Rocky Mountain National Park in July of 2015. They were married by Summit Denton's very own Adam Hughes, who performed the climbing-themed vows for them at White Rock Lake in April of 2016.

Ari and Addison

Addison was a freshman at UTD, the same school that Ari went to, when the two first met. Addison was good friends with Ari's best friend, who introduced the two when they were both climbing at Summit Dallas. Addison, the "chipper freshman," immediately went bouncing up to Ari to introduce himself, but Ari, a junior, could not have been less interested. "I was just there to climb," she says. But they kept running into each other on campus, (about 20 times over the course of a year according to Addison) and eventually Addison's charm won her over. They started climbing together at Summit Dallas — but their climbing sessions turned into more talking than climbing. Climbing nights started turning into more of an excuse to hang out and talk for hours, so eventually Addison asked her out. The two had been dating for four and a half years when they took a trip together to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arknasas. Addison blindfolded Ari, and led her to the old swing that hangs from a tree near the climbing area's East Side, and proposed to her there. He spent hours decorating the area with lights and candlelit bags, and after she said yes, ("It would have been really awkward if I had said no!" Ari says) he led her back to their campsite, which was filled with her friends and family. The two are getting married this August in Ari's native New Hampshire. 


Shannon and Isaac

Shannon and Isaac first met in 2012 when they were part of the same Meet Up group at Summit Carrollton. Shannon, however, did not know that Isaac was a part of the Meet Up. "I thought he was just following us," she says. "Yeah sure," Isaac says. "Just creeping along! I just saw her climbing and shimmied my way on over." The two eventually started talking about cycling (Isaac's passion, and something Shannon kept meaning to try after injured feet kept her from running), and Isaac invited her to join him on a bike ride. The two started biking together — "She has a hard time turning," Isaac says — and were dating soon afterwards. They have since been dating for three years, and are active members of the ClimbFit community at Summit Carrollton. 

Niko and Shaun

"Hey I am making cookies and ice cream, do you want to come over?"

The best pickup line a girl could ever hear. Niko and Shaun had been friends for awhile after meeting at the gym, but he was under the impression she was dating someone else and wanted to uphold bro code, so he did not make a move. So he waited until it was apparent that she was still single, and hit her with the words anyone wants to hear: "cookies" and "ice cream," after they were finishing up a climbing session at Summit Grapevine. They continued to hang out and climb after that, and their relationship was sealed after a trip with friends to the Barcadia in Fort Worth - Niko kissed him in front of the Pac Man (or was it the Street Fighter 2?) machine and it was game over. They had been dating for a few years, and had moved in together when the two took a trip to the Bahamas for Shaun's birthday. They were enjoying a dinner on the beach, which Niko tricked into thinking was in honor of Shaun's birthday, when he dropped to one knee and asked THE question. She said yes, of course, and the two were too hyped up and nervous to enjoy the rest of their dinner on the beach, which Niko describes as "the most expensive dinner we'll ever have but never ate." The two are getting married in April of next year!

Simply put, Trevor (our Retail Manager) and Jess' story is a little "long and roundabout." Their first experience with each other was barely an experience at all – Trevor accompanied his and Jess' mutual friend on a road trip to Florida. At the last minute, Jess' then-roommate joined them for the drive, and she could not help but think that Trevor would be perfect for Jess. She snuck a picture of Trevor and sent it to Jess, but Jess was just like, "Great, that's an awesome picture of a cute guy I'll never actually meet." Flash forward a few months, and Jess is a member of Summit Dallas, the gym that Trevor works at. They had seen each other in passing a few times — she saw Trevor giving a belay test, and Trevor eyed her during one of the gym's Late Night climbs, but they never really connected until after Jess tracked him down on Facebook, and the two began chatting. They climbed a few times together, and Trevor says, "I would have fired myself for the amount of time I spent texting her on the clock." Their first ever date ended up lasting all-day, and Trevor convinced her to let him stay over since he "was living out of his car." (Not really!) They started dating in December 2012, and Trevor proposed to her in December 2014 after creating a custom picture book that told their story. They were married in the summer of 2015!