SBS Season Opener: That's a wrap! Here are photos and results from the comp at Summit Dallas

We opened the 2017 Summit Bouldering Series in style this past Friday at Summit Dallas! It was a packed house filled with some familiar faces, as well as a lot of new ones! Every single one of y'all crushed — even if the hardest thing you sent that day was hot dog #7, we're still so proud of you. Wanna see how you stacked up? 

Wanna see you and your friends being internet famous? Click through the gallery below! Thanks to Trent Wheeler for taking bada$$ pics.

DON'T FORGET - Just cuz this comp is wrapped up doesn't mean we're done! We have THREE more SBS competitions planned for the year. The schedule is here:

Oct. 27th @ Summit Carrollton - HALLOWEEN-THEMED


Dec. 8th @ Summit Denton!

See y'all there!