Meet Your Manager: Elly Dannenfelser, new GM of Summit Denton

Now that Summit Fort Worth is well on its way to being built, we're very pleased to announce that Adam Hughes, current GM of Summit Denton will be moving to Funkytown to be the new gym's GM. Soooooo that means that we need to leave Summit Denton in capable hands. Meet Elly Dannenfelser, new GM of Summit Denton! She's moving up from an assistant manager at Summit Carrollton to now General Manager of Summit Lil D! So here's a little more on the fresh face you'll be seeing up in Denton!

How long have you been with Summit?

About a year now. When I moved down here from Montana, I needed a job. So I applied to a bunch of places, and heard back from Bryan (GM of Carrollton) very quickly. So here I am!

How did you start climbing?

I climbed mostly in college. I majored in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, so it was required. I climbed on and off for 2 years, nothing serious. I went to school in Billings, Montana, which is surrounded by rimrock, so I first started climbing outside.

Favorite Summit memory?

Last year's 12HSS was one of the first comps I worked. I was closing with EB (former Summit Carrollton employee) and when the comp climbing ended at 9 pm, EB came on the intercom and was like “GET OFF THE WALLLL” in this demonic voice — there were families and kids climbing, so when she did that all the families looked really scared and dropped off the wall and were like "What happened???"

Little known facts about Elly:

Her life is "run by dogs" — she has three dogs, ALL UNDER THE AGE OF ONE YEAR. 

She has Bear, a lab mix, Cloud, an appropriately named Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd mix, and Lola ... not sure what Lola is. To add to the madness, she and her wife have a fat cat too ... named Fat Cat.

She can apparently play the banjo ... although may be a bit rusty. Hopefully the Denton weirdness will reinspire her to pick it back up!

So she is hard AF and has broken probably all of her fingers and toes ... and then reset them herself. She used to work with horses, and lead maybe six of them at a time to the barn at the end of the day. So she'd have six leads wrapped around her hands, all attached to six different horses (commonly-known fact that horses are psycho) and every so often one would spook and take off ... and boom instant broken finger. This happened frequently enough for her to break a LOT of fingers. Horses are not known to be considerate with their feet, so she also got her feet stepped on / toes broken, too.

She claims that her mom is a "witch." Not like, the Salem type, but has had many premonitions about things that end up coming true. To the point where it was just a casual thing in her family. Her mom would pick her up from working at the horse barn and would be like, "Did you fall today?" And Elly would be like " Ummm ... yeah, how did you know?" And her mom would just know. Apparently, Elly sometimes get premonitions, too so it's probs safe to say that she's a witch, too. Probs. #science #approximately

She speaks a bit of French, since she lived in France for a month or two in high school as part of an exchange program. She's been to Costa Rice a bunch of times, and learned to surf there. Which ... of all places to learn how to surf ... is probably the coolest. Or at least cooler than learning in a bathtub. #semantics

She is no stranger to driving. She has driven from Maryland (where she used to live) to Washington state TWICE to attend the Sasquatch music festival. Which is a legit, awesome music festival (not the banjo-fest that I suspected it might be). She saw the Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, and Bright Eyes there. Maybe worth driving thousands of miles for.

She has a tattoo of the Tetons on her back, because her goal is to get a mountain range from every place she has ever lived on her back. Now that she's living in Dallas and there are no mountain ranges here ... maybe we try to convince her to get the Summit peaks on her back? MAYBE?!

She has an ENORMOUS family. She alone has FOUR older sisters. Combined with her wife's large family, they have SIXTEEN nieces and nephews. That is like, a lot of birthdays to remember. Luckily Elly is awesome and is a kicka$$ aunt to all those little ones.

Ok, that's all we got on Elly! Make sure to introduce yourself next time you're climbing at Denton and see her behind the desk! She'll prob tell you stories about her dogs / show you pictures of her dogs because WHO DOESN'T WANNA LOOK AT DOG PICS. #oneplease We're so excited that she's now in charge at Denton ... and that concludes this week's Meet Your Manager!