If the outdoors are calling, High Point Expeditions can give you the skills you need to answer

You might have noticed we started carrying a lot of guidebooks in all our gear shops! We realize there is a lot more climbing out there than just at our gyms - so we want to encourage all our members to eventually make the leap from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing. There is a lot more involved in outdoor climbing than a waiver and an orientation, however — so what is the easiest way to become comfortable with climbing outside?

Luckily there is a non-profit guiding / climbing education service that operates out of Summit called High Point Expeditions. ClimbFit founder and instructor Mario Stanley started High Point, and takes Dallas folks to go explore the outdoor climbing that Texas and the surrounding states have to offer. 

So you want to go climbing outside? Here are the guidebooks we have to offer at our gyms, and the skills necessary to climbing at them.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area: A primarily trad area, you must know how to clean and place gear as well as build your own anchors. 

Oklahoma: There are quite a few climbing areas in Oklahoma, but the most notable of which would be the Wichita Mountains and Quartz Mountain. The Wichitas is a primarily trad climbing area, so you must know how to place gear and build anchors. Quartz Mountain is a sport climbing area, so you must know how to lead climb and clean sport anchors. 

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch:  Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas is an extremely popular destination for sport, trad and bouldering. You need all these skills to climb there.

Arkansas: The climbing in Arkansas is a mixture of sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering. This book features areas like Sam's Throne, Cowell, and Fern.

Eisenhower State Park: A near-ish bouldering area - bring a crash pad and a sense of adventure!

If any of these areas sound like your jam, then High Point Expeditions is here to help! They host outdoor clinics that will teach you everything you'll need to know to hit up these areas and make the most of your trip. Whether you're a first-time outdoor climber, or a seasoned vet looking to pick up a new skill, High Point offers a variety of multi-day instructional clinics that will make sure every participant walks away confident in their new-found climbing skill. 

High point offers multi-day trad and multipitch clinics, as well as single day sport and top-rope clinics (that can be split into two days on request).

Every High Point clinic instructs its participants in "mountain sense" — one of the very first things Mario and his group of guides does when they start a clinic is make sure that every participant can walk up to an area and be confident in their abilities - whether it's reading the guidebook, determining what gear they'll need and what anchors they'll utilize. It's a great basic skill that anyone who wants to climb outside will need to master. 

High Point's careful approach to instruction will make sure you're confident in whatever skill you're trying to master. Check out their website for more info and clinic times and descriptions!

In addition to their clinics, High Point is also a guiding service, that can take you on the adventure of your lifetime! They also organize regular outings to nearby climbing areas - which are great opportunities to meet like-minded folks and potential new climbing partners! The schedule of these outings will be posted around our gyms as soon as High Point has it available. Wanna know more? Reach out to High Point here!