Thanks to everyone who came out to this year's 12 Hours of Summit Suffering! Y'all came, y'all climbed for 12 hours straight, and you guys sure as sh#* conquered! 

Congrats to Dalan Faulkner and Sean Vallefuoco of team "12 Hours of Sean Sweating" for winning the overall award, and receiving free entry to the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition on Sep. 23rd!



And another congrats to Team Holden Onto, for winning our hashtag contest with this dramatic, artistic Insta post.

Our costume contest was pretty close - a lot of you guys came in some pretty sweet get-ups, so we let the crowd chose their favorites!

Aaaaand in first place, was the very scantily clad team Crag Queens!

In a very close second was team Alright, We'll Call it a Draw, who deserve a round of applause for how much time and effort they put into their costumes. I mean, those things were IMPECCABLE.

And finally, in third place was team Danger Noodles, who pretty much nailed it.

And here's what you all have been waiting for! Route totals and distances, as well as placements! Bear with us with the numbers- we had a LOT of scorecards and data to sort through so there might be some discrepancies!

First up: placements! Blue signifies a male and pink for female!

Here are route totals and distances! 

Shout out to Truman Stein for making the most amount of ascents, at 405! Dang, dude!

All in all, y'all ascended 371,433 feet! Which is 70.34 miles! So ... that's nearly 124 El Caps, 13 Mount Everests ... or all the way from Carrollton to Lake Texoma.

Considering you guys climbed to Denton last year, this is pretty nuts!

Considering you guys climbed to Denton last year, this is pretty nuts!

We had TEN people make the mile-high this year, which is ridiculous. Props to these folks for climbing over 5,280 feet in 12 hours! Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Dalan Faulker

2. Lan Le

3. Canon Huse

4. Tucker Black

5. Mario Stanley

6. Truman Stein

7. Jarrod Krebs

8. Rebecca Burgmeier

9. Niko Romero

10. Addison Kim

There were 112 abs classes and 111 yoga classes taken - that is about 56 hours of each class, or just over 4.5 days of fitness classes!

Congrats to anyone who won one of these — they were made with a lot of love!

Mmmmm .... used rentals .... 

Mmmmm .... used rentals .... 

And last but definitely not least, a giant thanks to all of our sponsors — without you guys those whole thing would never have been possible!

Thanks to Audacity Brewing for coming out to our after-party, and floating all three kegs in under 45 minutes! (You guys were definitely in need of beer!) Thanks to The Rustic for providing us with the amazing food spread at the after-party. Thanks to Pan Ector Industries for printing our competitor t-shirts, as well as coming out to our after-party and live printing! Thanks to Summit member and crazy-talented artist Hank St. John, for designing our incredible logos! Thanks to Summit employee Ethan Barnes for making that super cool glass trophy we gave out to the best overall team. 

Another thanks to all the companies that contributed to our raffle as well as the competitor swag bags - Marmot,   Friction Labs, Metolius, La Sportiva, , Sterling Ropes, Osprey, Butora, 8bplus, Scarpa, Evolv, Arc'teryx, Kate's Real Food, Prana, Probar, Sublime Brushes, Friendly Foot, Cotopaxi, and High Point Expeditions!