SWAG SWAG SWAG - a list of sponsors for our upcoming 12 Hours of Summit Suffering competition

What better way to forge new friendships than with pain, sweat, and flappers — all while dressed like a pirate, a teletubbie, or holding a huge baguette? Our 12 Hour comp is pretty much guaranteed to get you 148 more friend requests — cause climbing for 12 hours straight changes a person and those 148 new friends might be the only people that understand you now.

But — let's be real swag is a really good motivator. We have wrangled up some amazing sponsors that have helped with the comp in many a different ways (mostly helping make an awesome pile of raffle items) So here's is to them! 

Click on any of the images to go check out each company's sweet site!

Scarpa - Makers of some really gosh darn awesome rock boots! Word is that Scarpa's climbing leather comes from a very specific breed of cow that only lives in the Dolomites. Thus the leather has a natural tendency to want to be at higher elevations, which allows for easier sending IT'S SCIENCE!

Sublime - Sh#% gets chalky — it's an inevitability of climbing. With everyone throwing their logo on chalk brushes all willy nilly , Sublime stands out as the Lambo in a sea of Razor scooters. Packing up to 6x more bristles than any other chalk brush, and a neck that can hold up to 160 pounds - if you should ever need to do chin-ups on it. Sublime has put some real thought into their brush design, instead of just putting some boars hair on a toothbrush handle and calling it a day.

Probar - The food of the pros made available to the masses. Not satisfied with other meal bars that taste more like cardboard than food, Probar has helped redefine the standards for food we put in our mouths.

Climbing Magazine - Cause why wouldn't you be reading about climbing when you're not climbing? A climbing magazine is a really good way to do that, might we suggest Climbing Magazine?

Trango - Makers of the "Big Bros", but instead of giving you noogies and wet willies, Trango is spitting out some pretty nifty new gear coming this year.  Their new Vergo belay device is a great new contender in the battle with the GriGri for the title of the perfect assisted-locking belay device.

Butora - The new kid on the block, the rebel, the sexy new shoe thats gonna steal your girlfriend, take her out to a fancy dinner and then even call her in the morning. "Butora" in Korean means "Stick it," which is exactly what you're gonna want to do once you slide these babies onto  your feet and start cranking up your latest proj. Their Acros have won many awards, and we are excited to see some new shoes from this this spring!

Friction Labs -  Long gone are the days of chalk just being literally chalk.  We have these guys to blame! Using a lot of science and some really smart people, they have created a chalk that keeps your hands drier on a molecular level. Since it bonds to your skin and creates symbiotic relationship, you end up using less of it. Try it out if you're not yet a believer! 

Organic - Legendary makers of the only crash pad you will ever need! Look at any bouldering picture in a climbing magazine and you'll see a sea of crazy-colored crashpads. If the pros trust it on their 25 ft. tall boulder problem, then it's good enough for me. Plus, all their crashpads are made in the USA — and recently they are making a big push into making bags.

Evolv - Rumor has it that their rubber has trace amounts of Chris Sharma's blood in it, which activates when loud noises (Ex. PSAAAAAT!) are made during crux moves to make the rubber on their shoes even stickier. Evolv hit the proverbial nail on the head with the new Shaman and next year's line up is looking even better! 

High Brew - Straight out of Austin and right into your mouth — it'll perk you up and won't let you down. This cold brew company has exploded from local to national markets in just a short time. Don't be surprised when you see everyone in the gym sending your proj cause they are all hyped up on this stuff!

Prana - You're not a climber until you've own a pair of Prana pants FACT. If you haven't done a high heel hook while wearing a pair of Mojos then you haven't done a high heel hook! ...or you're a girl who doesn't wear Mojos but we're bout to get some Prana yoga pants in for y'all, ladies!

Petzl - These guys are all about saving your life! Need a new harness? BOOM, check out the amazing Sama or Selena. Need something to clip that sweet life line of a rope into? BAM, get you some of the super rad Djinn quickdraws. Need something to tie into on days when you decide that free-soloing is ridiculously dangerous? BADABING, the good ol' guys at Petzl got you on that as well, with their rope selection!

Friendly Foot - Out of all the sponsors we just listed, you should care about this one the most — cause after 12 hours of climbing, your feet are gonna have the stank. Lucky for you this powder creates an environment that microbes really don't care for, so even the dirtiest of feet won't carry the lingering scent of yesterday's sends?

La Sportiva - When you have a shoe coming in on their 20th anniversary and have them still be relevant, you know you have made some damn good shoes. The Miura lace-up is nerly old enough to drink now, and the rest of La Sportiva's shoe line-up has some classics that have stood the test of time. Old stand-bys are cool and all, but make sure to check out the latest from La Sportiva - the Skwama and the Otaki.

Arc'teryx - Created by our maple-loving neighbors in the north, Arc'teryx has been developing cutting-edge alpine gear since 1989. It's no secret that their gear and apparel will make you capable of breaking through any of your outdoor boundaries, even if your goal is just to fight a moose and win. 

Black Diamond - Well known fact — BD makes some pretty rad things. Like the ATC for example — Black Diamond made that first! Have you seen those fancy lightweight harnesses popping up around the gym? It's the BD Solution! Black Diamond has come out with some big things this past year, and you need to keep an eye out for their new hardgoods and softgoods!

Kate's - Lets be honest — we all get a little hangry, and pulling on plastic for 12 hours straight isn't gonna make that feeling go away. But Kate's bars have your back for all 12 of those hours with pure, unadulterated goodness. The best part about eating these bars is that you can feel and taste all the different ingredients! It's the best thing since meal bars! 

Cotopaxi - If you have more things to carry than you do arms, you should check Cotopaxi out, cause it sounds like you're in need of a bag. They also make some pretty rad outerwear, tents and sleeping bags! You might have seen some people walking around the gyms with some bright multi-colored backpacks, thanks to Cotopaxi. But the best part is that their motto is "Do Good," and they live by this motto by giving back to the community!

HighPoint Expeditions - If you have spent enough time around the gyms, then you have surely had a conversation or two with Mario Stanley — guide and co-owner of High Point Expeditions. Here is what he has to say about his company "At Highpoint Expeditions, we are way makers. Our passion is to equip you to be bold, to try something new, and to feel strong. We help you leave concrete jungles behind, listen to the call of the mountains, and find rejuvenation in the simple beauty of the great outdoors. We will walk beside you to create experiences that you, your friends, and family members will remember for a lifetime. These are the highpoints in life. Let’s make them happen."

Ok, so those are some of our bigger sponsors for the event! We still have more trickling in ... the only way to find out what we end up with is to attend our after-party, post-competition!