Rest Days BEST DAYS - what to do on days off climbing, and why you should actually take them

As tempting as it is to spend EVERY DAY at the gym (I mean, we basically we have everything you could ever need here — climbing, cool people, food, drinks and a bathroom), it's really important to take some time off of climbing, to recharge and prepare yourself for your next sesh. While just taking a day or two off from climbing is beneficial, here are some other things you can do on an off day to get the most out of your rest!

Why even take a rest?

Because absence makes the heart grow fonder! And because climbing is pretty hard on your body, and to be able to keep climbing your best, you gotta give your muscles time off to heal. As you climb, your super bulgey muscles are actually developing micro-tears as they exert themselves to help you send the gnar. If you don't give them time off to repair those micro-tears, your muscles' load capacities will be lessened, so you won't climb as well. Not to mention that's also a great way to buy a one-way ticket to Injury Town, Population: your ass if you don't take some time off. 

How much time to take off?

This depends on how hard you exerted yourself. If you climbed a lot of low-intensity routes, and feel minimal to no soreness, then a day should suffice. But after a really hard bouldering session, it might be better to take an extra day off. Have you ever heard that after a hard workout, it's not the day after that you feel the sorest, but TWO days after your workout when you'll feel the most soul-crippling pain This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and means you really wrecked shop on yourself. So pay attention to your body and the amount of pain you're in, and don't be afraid of taking an extra day off. 


Let me tell you about a thing called Netflix.

Kidding. Anyways, there are some rest day activities that can actually speed your recovery. And no, dulling the pain with beer does not count — but you do you, boo. 

Performing low-intensity workouts will up your heart rate, and up your bloodflow, which will speed in your body's healing. Rest days are also a great time to do light opposition work, to reduce the risk of injury, as well as combat Boulder Shoulder - the dreaded rounded shoulders that people who spend their thrutching up sheer faces are wont to develop. Sounds like a great time for yoga, yeah? Or bust out some push-ups and shoulder stretches

In summary, taking rest days will literally only make you better.