Meet Your Manager - Scott Lawrence, GM of Summit Dallas

In our effort to introduce you to EVERYONE EVER at Summit, meet Scott Lawrence, the new GM of Summit Dallas! Since current GM Alex Francis is moving to Colorado soon, we had Scott step in at the helm of Dallas! He has been around the gyms for awhile, so you Grapevine folks might recognize him! He's quite the party thrower and a really nice guy, so here is more about Scott!

How long have you been with Summit for?

Umm ... for the entirety of a week and a half?

But seriously, I started with Summit when went to Grapevine for the first time and fell in love with climbing since the very first route that I got on.  After that I tried to climb as much as possible, and started basically living at the gym and then beating down Stan’s door to give me a job until he finally gave me my opportunity. In 2012, I ran the portable wall for an entire month doing twelve hour days at the Texas State Fair. I worked my way up after that, and within a few months I was promoted to Membership Director and Social Media Coordinator. I left the company for a few years to work within the oil and gas industry, but now I am back!

How did you start climbing?

Around five years ago I went to Grapevine with two of my best friends and never stopped! 

Favorite climbing area?

Considering I don’t have a ton of outdoor experience, it's gotta be Hueco. If you don’t have a ton of outdoor climbing but you’ve been to one of the best places in the world, that’s gotta be it!

Favorite climb?

Probably girls of Juarez, an awesome V4 roof problem at Hueco.

Scott bein a cool guy at Hueco

Scott bein a cool guy at Hueco

Favorite Summit memory?

I’d say probably my biggest accomplishment working at while working at Grapevine was establishing the member appreciation party in the spring of 2012. Planning and throwing the first party was an absolute blast. We did a dyno-comp, a massive raffle, food and booze. It was so fun. 

Little known facts about Scott?

Scott is a very talented whistler! After "years and years of practice" he has gotten to "probably competition-level" — neither he nor I had heard of any actual whistling competitions but if there were any SCOTT WOULD WIN.

Speaking of musical talent ... when Scott was 19, he moved to Los Angeles to be in a screamo emo band called The Chase. He was the lead singer, but shared the stage with the band's screamer, who was also coincidentally named Scott. He had long hair and face piercings but hey, who didn't at that time??? 

Serenading his adoring fans!

Serenading his adoring fans!

Scott has his Commercial Driver's License, and used to be a truck driver! He drove a big rig around the country, transporting pipe and tools out to oil rigs. Not sure what his CB call name is yet, but hoping it was like, Big Scott or something like that.

He's pretty adventurous! He has skydived, swam with elephants, and has his advanced scuba certification. He once traveled to Thailand and spent five weeks there, no doubt getting into some pretty cool sh#&. As of this blog post writing, he is in Nicaragua, doing more cool sh#&.

From his travels, he has chosen to get tattoos as his souvenirs. While in Thailand, he got a hand-hammered Thai compass tattooed on his back by a Buddhist monk named Rainbow, then later got "Let's see what we can see" in Spanish on his back while in Nicaragua. He plans on continuing to get tattoos as souvenirs, and says he will "never plan out another tattoo for the rest of my life." 

Scott has a repertoire of four jokes, and they're all dad jokes. One is definitely a keeper though, so I am gonna share it with you guys.

So a guy walks into a costume contest with a girl holding on to his back. The judges look him up and down and are like, "Ok, what’s up dude ... what are you supposed to be?" So he replies and says “I'm a turtle." The judges say, "A turtle? But what about the girl on your back?” The guy says "Yeah I'm a turtle, and this is Michelle!"

If you don't get it then I'm sorry.

MOVING ON, that's it! I'm sure you'll see Scott's shining face next time you're at Dallas, most likely whistling while he works!