12 Hours of Summit Suffering - ARE YOU READY?

It's here again! The time is nearing for our second annual 12 Hours of Summit Suffering competition! The comp is August 27th, and you'll have from 9 am to 9 pm to climb as many routes as you can, at three of our locations! (Dallas, Carrollton, and Grapevine.) We modeled this competition off of the infamous 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition. We're making this year's bigger than last year's — more food, more beer, more raffles — we're even increasing the number of competitors! This year we are adding more ways to earn point bonuses - like taking a yoga and an abs class will give you a massive boost!

For an idea of what last year's was like, check out this short little video.

If you did not compete last year, or need a refresher on how the comp works, we have a pretty exhaustive explanation here on the Eventbrite page! We're splitting things up into four different difficulty categories - beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite (which are broken down on our sign-up page!)  Climb as much as you can, and your score is a cumulative of everything you send! You can send each route up to four times to count towards your score, and boulder problems you can send twice. You're competing for honor, you're competing for glory, you're competing for gloriously handmade trophies, you're also competing for entry into the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition in September! The team with the best cumulative score will snag themselves a spot to suffer with the best in Arkansas! 

An idea of what the t-shirts are gonna look like!

An idea of what the t-shirts are gonna look like!

After the comp we're throwing a sweet after-party at our Dallas location, starting at 9:30 pm. We'll tap some kegs, serve some food, and start doling out the massive amount of raffles, then follow up with awards! Anyone is welcome to attend our after-party, so invite your friends! 

18+ to compete, 21+ to drink! 

One ticket is good for a team - no refunds! 

For an idea of this year's sponsors so far: