Some tips on strategery for the competition on Saturday!

... and yes, we said "strategery."

We're getting closer to competition time on Saturday — how are you igniting your competitive spirit? Are you a natural-born competitor, who can immediately hone their focus to a razor edge, or do you need a little bit of inspiration to ignite the fire within? Regardless of whether you win or lose (or even how you play the game), here are some tips to up your competition game, whether you've been competing forever, or this is your first time. 

1. Decide what you want from the competition

Are you trying to climb your absolute best, or just have a good time? Our member competitions are great places to just hang and be social — we find a lot of competitors are just in it for fun. But quite a few take it seriously and really try to push themselves. Decide before the competition where your priorities lie — if you're aiming to WIN, then it's best to leave your friends in the dust and go do your own thing. But if you're ok taking it slow and bro-ing out, then meet up with your buds and have a chill climbing sesh! Having expectations before the competition helps you decide your priorities, so you can act on them faster ... especially if your #1 priority involves hitting up the kegs ASAP. 

2. Scope the field

Most of you picked a category when you registered for the competition. (And if you didn't, then we're putting you in Open mwahahaha ;P) After checking in on comp day, take your score card and scope out some of the problems, especially problems within your category. Mark some potential projects on your scorecard, so you can easily find them later when you're ready to crush. Also, by scoping out the problems beforehand, you can strategize and find the most doable projects for you. And remember — feel free to project outside of your category! Send too many outside of your category and we might bump you up, but climbing harder than your category could definitely get you a point bonus! As long as you budget your energy and don't kill yourself in the process ... 

3. Get a good warm up!

Ok, the comp has started, the proverbial starting gun has been fired, and everyone is off! What are you gonna do to start — are you gonna run and jump straight on that V7, or are you maybe gonna warm up a bit? Remember — you have 3 hours to climb (plenty of time!) so getting a good warm up in is definitely worth it. It'll help you feel more loose and confident on the wall, as well as keep you from getting the dreaded flash-pump when it really matters. You also never know if you'll have trouble later on, so it's always good to have a good warm-up foundation, in case you end up needing one of those problems at the end for your top five!

4. Budget your time

Spend your time wisely! (Unless you went straight to the keg — in which case, you do you!) It's really easy to get caught up on one problem, and next thing you know, an hour has gone by and you only have 20 minutes left in the comp and only three problems marked down. Know when to say when, and if a problem just is not worth the time you are putting into it. Remember, you have three hours — so that could either go by really fast or really slow for you, depending on your pacing and the amount of Red Bulls you chain-pounded before the start. (Doctor's Note: Chain-pounding Red Bulls is never recommended.) (Editor's Note: I lied about being a doctor.) 

5. Don't take it too seriously

Whether you win or lose, climb or get tipsy, these comps are meant for fun! So if the over-competitive spirit overtakes you and you find yourself not having fun anymore, take a step back!  These comps are a great barometer to see how you stack up against other Dallas-area climbers and an awesome place to push yourself, but we really just want you guys to have a good time, and crush on all the boulders we worked so hard to set for y'all.  Even if you don't climb your best, remember — no one died, and there's always next time!