Meet your Staff: Jarrett Chatman, one of the longest-standing Summit Dallas employees

Jarrett's been working at Summit Dallas before it was even Summit Dallas! Lucky for us he stuck around after Summit bought Dallas Rocks and turned it into Summit Dallas. He is a super enthusiastic guy, that can always be spotted doing something active - he runs and parkours before his shifts, and can often be seen bouncing a soccer ball behind the desk. Even on his off-days, his favorite thing to do is play basketball video games, because even in his leisure time he's gotta be competing or participating in something. 

How long have you been working at Summit?

Probably over 8 years. Since before it was Summit, back in the Dallas Rocks days. The day I was hired, I was just looking for a job and the old D Rocks manager Rob was at the front desk when I came in. I was like, "Can I get an application?" and he was like, "Nah you’re hired. "

How did you start climbing?

I started climbing right after that. I wasn’t that good, and I thought, "Climbing’s stupid, who does that?" It was pretty rough. but then strength came and now I’m hot sh*#, haha. 

 I do a lot of hold stripping for the gym, so I learned a lot of technique from the routesetting here, actually.

What has made you stick around at Summit for so long?

I really like the community here. I meet a lot of  great people! Also, I want to continue my fitness training ... I want to be the face of fitness.

Favorite Summit memory?

Back when the gym was still Dallas Rocks, we had like, four unscheduled parties come in with two people scheduled to work. Then the power went out and we were like "Ummm ... I think we should tell everyone we're just gonna close down." But we didn’t! We stayed and catered to all these people until closing. i could not believe that these people still wanted to climb in the dark. I don’t think I have ever been more overwhelmed, ever. 

Little known facts about Jarrett

His first time climbing outside was very close to being his only time climbing outside. He went with some people to boulder in Oklahoma, and as they were setting up their camp in the middle of nowhere ... the battery on the car died. They had not told anyone where they were going, and no one had any cell reception. So they were totally stranded until they flagged down some random people on four-wheelers to help give them a jump. He swore off going climbing outside after that ... but has actually been back two more times since then. 

He has been a freelance B-Boy dancer with a crew called the Lost Boys. He and his friends used to random flash mobs, and just show up somewhere and start dancing in awesome synchronization together. They once showed up at the McDonald's in downtown Dallas, and just as they were about to order, just froze. It was five of them just frozen in place for probably a whole minute while everyone else around them was trying to make sense of what was happening. Finally, they busted out their moves, grabbed their to-go orders, and then strolled out the door like nothing ever happened. Summer time is apparently a good time for B-Boys, so he is trying to limber up again to hook back up with his crew.

He has a tattoo on his bicep of an insignia that he designed himself when he was younger. It stands for "Fight for Victory." 



He has probably one of the most devastating allergies, ever. Not to sunlight or like, to breathing or something. But he is allergic to chocolate. Which is truly an awful thing. He has to live vicariously through other people when they are snacking on a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. He'll be like, "How are those? They still delicious? I WOULDN'T KNOW."

He has attended school to be an automotive technician, so he is a good guy to have around if your rig is acting up. 

Cool, that is some basic stuff to know about Jarrett! If you ever frequent our Dallas gym, then you've almost definitely had Jarret kick his soccer ball towards you. Maybe next time see if he'll show you some of his dance moves? Maybe if you ask nicely?