Wanna climb strong? Then you better ClimbFit!

One of the hardest parts of improving your climbing is finding the motivation. If you don't have someone constantly riding you, then it's really easy to slack off, and bail on a workout to get a beer once ... and then twice, three times, and then suddenly your workout nights have turned into happy hours and you've sold your climbing gear for Über money. 

But as adults, we can't just join a competitive climbing team, with a Mister Miyagi to teach us the ways of Kung Fu climbing. We gotta work extra hard, and find motivation in the people we surround ourselves with. Luckily here at Summit Gyms, our ClimbFit classes are the perfect mix of working hard, climbing a lot, and hanging with some really cool, like-minded people all in pursuit of the same goal — have fun and get better. 

With twice a week classes at our Dallas and Carrollton locations (and coming soon to Denton, yay!), ClimbFit coaches Mario Stanley and Denis Firstov do a great job of tailoring their classes to fit each participant's goals. Trying to get fit? Then coach Denis will run you through workouts to whip you into shape. Striving towards becoming a better climber? Then Coach Mario will coach your technique while you run laps on the walls. Just ask ClimbFit participant Moss Gallo, who through almost two years of participation with ClimbFit has lost over 50 pounds. "The reason i joined ClimbFit is because I hate going to the gym — but you come to ClimbFit and it’s a community," Moss said.

Everyone’s excited to come, excited to have a good time. excited to get out there and just dominate these challenges together. It’s something I look forward to every week.

Moss started climbing on a whim, but didn't get serious about it until he saw a flyer for ClimbFit. Because ClimbFit has an initiation program to get new climbers familiar with the basics before pushing to climb hard, it's been a great introduction to climbing for most adult climbers who want to take a step past our Climbing 101 class. After he joined, the ClimbFit coaches banded together to help Moss with his weight loss goal — Denis tailored a daily exercise regimen for Moss to do as homework, while Mario provided diet tips and suggestions for Moss to follow. 

Two years in and 50 pounds lighter and Moss is ingrained into the ClimbFit community — which it turns out is a fairly large one. Mario and Denis regularly plan ClimbFit outings for their participants, taking them climbing outside at areas around Texas. Moss said ClimbFitters even maintain a massive group text, where they chat and invite each other to climb, whether it's for a weekend trip outdoors or just a night in the gym. "Now you have a whole crew of people so you never have to go alone," Moss said. 

The workouts that ClimbFit coaches lead you through are never the same — they switch focuses, like "fitness," "endurance," or "power" on a three week rotation, so there's always something new to put your energy towards. Each class starts with a structured warm-up, then is followed by climbing exercises and organized workouts that target abs, cardio, arm strength, etc.

Sounds fun, right? And two classes a week is all it takes to take your climbing and fitness to a new level, and maybe meet some pretty alright people along the way.

I came here to do something cool, and I came out of it with a healthier life, a healthier body, and a healthier mind, as well as life long friends.