Reasons to compete in our redpoint rope competition next week

Hey you heard? Not only that bird is the word, but that we are having a redpoint rope competition next Friday, at Summit Grapevine! 

It's our first-ever adult rope competition, and we're very excited about it! If you're already sold, you can sign up or look at important stuff like the rules here — or, read on and we'll tell you why this comp is gonna be the!

A whole gym-full of brand new routes - The routsetters will be working long days to get Grapevine totally reset for y'all — if you compete in the comp, you'll get to get on this stuff before everyone else!

Need for speed? Race against your friends in speed climbing - We'll be opening up our speed wall, and timing everyone for a speed climbing competition. See how you stack up against your friends, or just get the opportunity to try the International Federation of Sport Climbing's official speed route! This is the exact route where world records are set!

See old friends, and meet some new ones! - Here at Summit,  we pride ourselves on our amazing community! So whether you're catching up with folks you haven't seen since our last competition, or asking for a belay from someone you haven't met before, our comps are a great way to connect with people who might just love climbing as much as you do. 

Get a hamburger hand-crafted by our Michelin-starred grill artiste -  Normally people aren't Michelin-starred, but resident Summit grillmaster Dylan Honeyman transcends traditional culinary custom. He spent years training in Italy (aka went to a Macaroni Grill once,) knows ancient, secret recipes (aka probably invented the whole mixing-kethcup-with-mayo thing), and has fed probably a thousand of you guys over his time with us (no doubt actually true.) 

Uhhhh ... beer - NUFF SAID, DAWG. 

Ok, those are the best reasons we can think of! Even if climbing in the comp is not your thing, we have spectator tickets available, if you just want to partake in the food, beer and merriment. Come at 10 pm for finals, and get spectator entry for free!

Hope to see a lot of y'all there!