ClimbFit comes to Grapevine!

For anyone who climbs out of Grapevine wanting to take their climbing to the next level, we're very happy to announce that our ClimbFit program has recently taken up residence there! ClimbFit classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays, and combine strength and conditioning exercises with climbing drills to help you become a stronger, confident, more well-rounded climber. Plus, they're a lot of fun, and you get to participate with some pretty awesome folks! The ClimbFit instructors at Grapevine are Chris Hobbs and Dylin Worrell, two really psyched, but laid-back guys. They were both independently excited to start a ClimbFit class at Grapevine, so ClimbFit founder Mario put them both together, and they've been killin' it ever since! I sat down and talked with the two of them briefly, so y'all can hear a little bit more of their background / learn why they were chosen to lead the class! 

For class schedules, or to sign up for a class, go here.


Chris Hobbs, ClimbFit instructor

How and when did you first start ClimbFit at Grapevine?

ClimbFit here at Grapevine first started six months ago. I was working on getting my personal training certificate, and I told Mario (creator of the ClimbFit program) that I wanted to start doing stuff that was fitness and climbing incorporated. So he mentioned getting me to start teaching his ClimbFit program, and it was on from there. 

Goals through having ClimbFit at Grapevine?

I want to grow the community here — that’s always my goal. I have been climbing here at Summit for six years, so I want people to experience climbing just like I have, and I want to expand my horizons. I love figuring out new training techniques, and meeting new people who can teach me more. 

What's the average class like?

Lots of climbing, lots of sweat, and lots of complaining! (Really sellin' it, Hobbs!)


What's your favorite exercise to do during ClimbFit?

Probably crimp pop-offs — basically where you hold crimps as long as possible, until you pop off. It's great for finger strength!

How do you spread the word of ClimbFit?

Through my partner, Dylin. He works desk at Grapevine as well, and he's great at talking to people and getting the word out that we now have this class at Grapevine.

Dylin Worrell ... also ClimbFit instructor

How did you start with ClimbFit?

I have known Mario and his ClimbFit program for a while, and I was thinking about it starting a class up here at Grapevine. I actually had no idea that Hobbs was talking about doing the same thing! A couple members were encouraging me to do it, so I talked to Mario during our 12 hour competition, and he told me Hobbs was already doing it, but I could totally join on.

What is the dynamic between you and Hobbs?

We go into each class together — we create the workouts together, although he is probably better at making the workouts than I am. But I really force people to get on harder stuff than they normally would. I usually try to really force really strong climbers to push themselves on the hard stuff. 

Background in climbing / fitness?

I have been climbing for three years. I used to work at Dyno Rock, which is a climbing gym / CrossFit gym, and we were allowed to work out during shift. So I learned a lot of stuff working there. 

What do you want ClimbFit to bring to Grapevine?

I just hope to help people achieve their goals more. There are a lot of strong climbers there, but sometimes they get in a rut. I want to help them get better, but also have fun. The class helps build a lot of endurance, so I am seeing boulders actually getting on rope, and starting to realize that they don’t just have to stick to bouldering. It's really cool to see.

What's your favorite workout?

Probably Speedracer — which is 5 x 5s, but each attempt is timed so you're trying to crank your laps out as quickly as possible. It's crazy and fun!

Alrighty, that's it! I hope I have piqued some of y'alls interest in the program! ClimbFit's been a big part of the community at our Dallas and Carrollton gyms, so we're really excited to see how it can grow at Grapevine.