Desperate for a Halloween costume? Here are some suggestions!

Halloween is just around the corner! Are you ready??? Probably not, cuz we all have better things to do than pick out a silly costume. If you're in a pinch and still need a costume idea, here is a collection of the best climbing-themed costumes and how (roughly) to construct them. 

1. Alex Honnlove

In case you missed it, this is in reference to this.

Get the Look:

A plaid North Face button-up, shorts and approach shoes. Strap a fake baby to your back, and "Honnold" as much as you can throughout any event you attend. 

A prime example of Honnolding. 

A prime example of Honnolding. 

Bonus points if you don't drink throughout the party. (Alex Honnold doesn't drink!)

2. So Ill

Get the Look:

Wear a plain adult onesie with the So Ill logo on the chest - then cover it in baby heads, light bulbs, phone receivers, and whatever detritus would make for a terrible foothold. Wear bowling shoes, similar to these guys. 

Bonus points if you shave your head into the Jason Kehl top knot.

3. Friction Labs

Get the Look:

Get a gorilla suit. Put a unicorn mask over your head. And wear boxing gloves and a lab coat. Dump small amounts of rubbing alcohol on people, and when they ask what it is, just say, "SHHHHH it's a secret!" 

Bonus: Fashion a belt of one-pound coffee bags around your waist. 

4. Routesetter

Get the Look:

Wear Prana Mojos and an Asana "Support your Local Routesetter" shirt - everything must be covered in chalk. Have safety glasses on, and a Home Depot bucket filled with random bits hanging off your harness. Randomly fire off your drill throughout the night, and indiscriminately grope objects around the room whenever possible, sussing out imaginary beta in your head. Leave a trail of bolts and screws in your wake.

5. 8b+ chalkbag

Get the Look:

Pick the chalkbag of your choice! You'll most likely end up wrapping yourself in colored fur, with comically large button eyes. Wear black sleeves and black mittens and — most importantly — wear a dog's surgical cone around your neck and fill it with chalk.

6. Crashpad

Get the Look:

STRAP YOURSELF INSIDE A CRASHPAD AND WEAR IT ALL NIGHT LOL. Pretend to blow away every time your friends need you.

7. Climber's Nalgene

Get the Look:

Spray paint a plastic trash can in a loud color, beat the crap out of it, then cover it in climbing stickers. Punch out the bottom to stick your feet through, and attach the trash can to you with suspenders. Spray paint the trash can lid black, and attach it to a black collar around your neck. Whenever you see someone taking a drink, push them slightly so they spill a little bit down the front of them. 

8. Belay Bitch

Get the Look:

Wear dog ears and face paint. Have your harness on, with every belay device you own strapped to it. Make sure your hands are protected with belay gloves, and your neck comfort preserved through belay goggles.

Pro tip: Don't drive home in belay goggles. 

Hope this has helped a few of you come up with a halfway decent costume! Guaranteed NO ONE is going to get any of these costumes, unless you're going to a climbers-only Halloween party - but who cares? You don't dress up for other people! You dress up for you.