20 reasons why climbing is better than any other sport ever - an oversimplification of our sport

Let's face it - we all know climbing is the best sport ever, forever and ever, amen. But - does the world know it? We're not sure that they do, but to help you guys remember to appreciate the little things in climbing, we have compiled a list of just what makes climbing so darn special and unique.

So here are the reasons climbing kicks the booties of other sports and why it's so great to be a climber!

1. Because how many other sports give you the option of doing them shirtless, but while also wearing a beanie? Because you can be both hot and cold, and climbing understands that!

2. Screaming indoors. Because your try-hard noise is your inside voice.


4. No one could accuse you of having girly hands. Ever. 


5. We have the pleasure of trying to take a white, powdery substance through security at the airport. The look on the TSA agent's face when they look in our full chalkbags and marvel at our audacity is PRICELESS (the price is actually being temporarily detained for substance testing but TOTES WORTH IT.)

6. Getting to tell every person you meet that you have no plans of ever climbing Mt. Everest never gets old! Always a guaranteed good time. 

7. Workouts are only as hard as you want to make them - you can either spend an entire session crushing and proj'ing, or lolling listlessly around on the mats.

8. Climbing is probably one of the only sports where it's ok to shriek instructions at people, especially if you don't know them. (JK don't do this!)

9. Add-on is just adult Simon Says, and everyone knows how much you miss that shizz.

10. Because your car was nondescript before you covered it in half a dozen various climbing stickers.

11. You get to learn the name of a lot of mountains and rock faces in a very short amount of time. Impress your friends during trivia, but only when the question pertains to the outdoors. Otherwise you're back to being useless.

12. Shoes. You get to buy so many shoes and it definitely doesn't make you a diva.

13. The ability to flex on your non-climber friends by explaining EVERY. SINGLE. THING. THAT'S WRONG. in either Upper Limit or Cliffhanger.


15. Outdoor bouldering ventures basically require you to carry a bed on your back, like a chalked and sweaty turtle who can nap whenever he pleases.

16. You can eat Clif Bars and rest assured that you are ingesting them for their original, intended purpose. 

17. Your Popeye Halloween costume dreams can become reality now that your forearms are disproportionately large. 

18. Wearing a harness for hours on end has made you immune to the sensation of a wedgie. Schoolyard bullies, COME AT ME. 

19. The rich vocabulary climbing has introduced to your everyday speech is irreplaceable. Don't like a situation? Just call "Take!" Have you been working hard on an arduous project for awhile? Well, just clip the chains on that thing already!

20. I mean, have you seen your Tinder profile picture? You on a boulder flexin' keeps all the honies swipin'. Not sure which way they're swiping but you best be sure they're swipin'.

Aight, that's it. What about y'all? Why are you grateful to be a climber?