Summit Bouldering League

It's been a few months since our last competition, you guys starting to get that competitive itch? Well ... itch no more! (Or do ... but also maybe you should get that looked at?) Starting in March and running for five total weeks, we are holding a Bouldering League at three of our gyms! Our most bouldering-convenient gyms — Denton, Dallas and Carrollton — are hosting, while unfortunately Grapevine does not have enough bouldering space to facilitate Bouldering League shenanigans.

Ever been a part of a league before? Bowling, softball, underwater palm reading, they all count — cept for League of Legends of course cuz WE WILL NOT ALLOW BEATING PEOPLE UP WITH MAGIC AND SH*#.

Anyways, here are the deets: 

  • 8 teams per gym, with a maximum of five people on each team (minimum of four). 
  • $100 per team to register. 
  • Starting March 21, we'll have weekly League nights at each gym - Carrollton on Monday, Denton on Wednesdays and Dallas on Thursdays. 
  • League nights will run from 6 to 9 p.m.
  • Participants' final scores will be based on an open projecting, and a flash format round each night. During League night, team members will record their four hardest sends while projecting everything they can in the gym.
  • The routesetters will set a new wall at each League gym on League days. Teams will pre-schedule 15 minutes during the League night for a flash round, to have the new wall to all to themselves to send as hard as they can. Their hardest send from those 15 minutes will make up a large portion of their score, along with their four hardest sends from the rest of the night.
  • Teams can only attend League nights at the gym they registered for. 
  • We will be scoring each participant on a handicap, so a V2 climber has a chance of doing just as well as a V10 climber. Handicaps will first be determined by honor system, but will be adjusted throughout the competition if your original handicap is just not cuttin' it, so don't sandbag yourself!
  • After four weeks of league meets, on the fifth week on April 23rd we will host a finals on-sight competition at the gym with the thus-far best-performing team, against the best-performing team from each of the other gyms. Winners get a trophy of some sort (most likely handmade and shabby), and all competitors and a plus-one get to participate in the after-party!

Sound awesome? YOU BET IT DOES. Wanna sign up? I KNOW YOU DO.

Sign up here! Remember, only eight teams per gym!

Questions? Email me at!