SBS season closer and Denton's first-ever comp — final scores and pictures

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday night, for the last competition of our Summit Bouldering Series 2015 season! It was also the first comp we have ever held at our brand new Denton location, and I think it's safe to say we christened the place. The mats are still covered in a fine layer of chalk and beer! We had some technical difficulties with the lights cutting out during finals, but you guys kept it 21st century by busting out your phone flashlights to light the way for our finalists, which was very awesome to see! If you are curious to see how you did, check here for our final rankings! Dominic LaBarge pulled out an awesome flash of our finals problems, which is totally stupid, and Rita Marsanova got the highest on the very technical women's final.

And finally, probably what's most important, is photos of you guys crushing it. Check out the album and see if you're in there! INTERNET FAMOUS!

Photos thanks to Patrick Kleineberg and Max Franklin!