Denton location update: the walls are up, and here's a sneak peek. SHH!

We are getting ready to clip the chains on our new Denton location! Walltopia has done a more than amazing job getting the walls up, and they are looking sweet! They're super tall and super steep, with crazy angles galore for y'all to pump yourselves out on.

Next steps are getting some padded flooring in (unless you guys want to fall on concrete ... ) and getting the rest of the building up and habitable. We're getting the flooring put in as we speak, and then setting can begin! I can only imagine what kind of problems these angles will inspire from our routesetters, but be prepared to be projecting for weeks after our open!

Thanks for sticking with us through the build, and stay tuned to our Denton location's Facebook for even more updates! Stay psyched, and hope to both Dentonites and non-Dentonites alike join us for our opening!