Know your Party Thrower: Caillin Murray, Summit Social Media and Events Coordinator

This weeks blog post can't be brought to you by our normal writer, cause ... well it's awkward to interview yourself and write about yourself. "Meet Caillin: by Caillin. As dictated by Caillin, About Caillin. #imawesome"  So I'm (Retail Manager Trevor) stepping in for the week so you can meet the lady behind the scenes. Chances are you have seen her pecking away on her laptop at the different gyms, but maybe never knew what she did or if she even actually worked there, (I mean, does she?) She does and her are some things you should know!

How long have you worked at Summit for?

In my current position, 6 months. But I used to strip and clean holds for Kyle (Clinkscales) when I was 14 an he paid me cash. Then I worked the front desk at Grapevine for a few months after I got back from college.

What about your position at Summit do you most enjoy?

Well, since I have a journalism degree (which she insists is the most useful degree ever, as a slow tear rolls down her cheek) the blog is really fun. But the events are really fun as well, since we are getting to be part of a community. I get to see how our mebers respond to things and I'm able to make things better because of it. More than anything, I just like being involved and helping Summit grow.

What are some of the things you have been involved with here at Summit?

I helped with the remodel at Carrollton and the reopening party for that. I started the monthly movie night which has going on for about 5 months and is coming up again tomorrow with maybe the single greatest Hollywood portrayal of climbing ever ...  obviously the movie can only be Cliffhanger! I do quite a bit of Team Texas stuff, all the social media stuff, and of course the 12 Hour comp. Oh, and keeping Kyle on track and organized. It's like herding cats.

Best Summit memory?

The most recent would have to be the 12 Hour comp, cause it was just awesome, and great to see that we were able to pull it off. An older memory I have from when I was on Team Texas and climbing out of Exposure (now Summit Carrolton) was having is my birthday being during Hell Week (training before the team's Summer Trip) pretty much every year. I remember for my 13th  birthday, the moment I actually turned 13 I was swinging wildly across the gym on a rope as part of some crazy obstacle course as the team kids all sang "happy birthday" At first I thought that it was the worst way to spend a birthday ever, since Hell Week is, in fact, hell, but it wasn't until later that I realized that there was no where else I would have rather been!

What is your experience with social media and event coordinating?

The previously mentioned and highly useful journalism degree helps with the social media and blogging. But no, I have no previous experience with event coordination. Kyle just came to me and was like, 'we need someone to do this and I think you could fill this role,' and I'm just kinda learning as I go. But thats ok, cause I think it really just comes down to commitment — if you love the gyms and you love what we do you, then you're gonna make it work cause you wanna make it better.

How long have you been climbing for?

So at this point 13 years. I started when I was 11 at this awful little rec center with a wall in the back corner. I would be climbing and a lot of the holds would spin because the wall was crap, but I just thought that was normal — like it was there to just add difficulty to the climb, like something out of  Legends of the Hidden Temple. After having my 12th (or 11th? Mom, any input?!) birthday at Summit Grapevine, I joined a team and have pretty much been climbing ever since.  I took four years off during my college years because I just needed a break from climbing, and I was living i St. Louis which is not exactly a climbing mecca. I had been climbing for so long and basically only climbing for competitions, that when I wasn't on the team anymore, I didn't know really, how to climb for fun. So I took some time off to be a fat kid, and now I'm back and BETTER THAN EVER. At least that's what I tell myself.

Favorite place to climb?

I'm going to try and be different so I'm not going to say The Red ... so I'm gonna say Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, instead. Which is mostly due to the fact that I'm so psyched about that place right now because of the upcoming 24HHH competition, which I plan on. I really want to project there more, as well.

Random Facts about Caillin?

  • She has an identical twin and while she maintains that it doesn't matter who the older one is (hint: not her) she is the taller one (which is a lot when you're a little over 5ft.). They started climbing on Team Texas together and Caillin says she and her sister's competitiveness was actually the worst for her parents "It was terrible — at the end of every comp, there was always the twin that beat the other, and the one that lost. My parents had to simultaneously deal with one mopey twin and one over-excited twin ... You could have a comp where both twins ended happy."
  • She is about to compete for the second year at 24HHH with her twin under the banner of "Team Space Jesus Take the Wheel." Last year they took 3rd and 4th in Women's Advanced, and will be competing in the Extreme category this year. I'm sure everyone reading this will wish her luck! DON'T DIE.
  • She flew an airplane once and maintains that she didn't crash it (oh sure ya didn't) and that it was "actually pretty hard."
  • She has been to 24 countries, one of which had a poop museum (really a toilet museum with statues of poop.)
  • She is an avid beer drinker and has drank over 500 different beers.
  • She said she drives nascar (this one may be a lie, but she said it)
  • Her favorite climbing shoe ever is the La Sportiva Testarossa
She was serious. A museum with poop statues.
She was serious. A museum with poop statues.

So in conclusion, Caillin has been around the block a time or two, loves her job, loves Summit, and loves the community here. So next time you see here pecking away on that computer, stop and thank her for everything she does, because she is probably setting up the next event and you might be able to convince her to get your favorite beer.

Requests for porters or stouts will be disregarded though, because of the 500 or so beers she has drank, probably only like, 4 are stouts because they are gnarly.