Know Your Manager: Trevor Whitis, Retail Manager for Summit

If you've ever bought a pair of shoes, a gear package, or even a snack at any Summit gym, then it was probably brought to the gym by Trevor. He keeps our gear shops nice and stocked with the latest gear, our concessions stands chock-full of goodies, and our rotating selection of Summit shirts always lookin' so poppin'. He is also responsible for a lot of the demos we have at the gym, and is actually a Five Ten rep himself. He's the guy with a mane of hair more majestic than any woman's, and probably any unicorn's, really. He's a newlywed, and an all-around super nice guy who can be located solely because of his incredibly loud laugh — it can be heard for miles and will always make you smile. Here's more about this hard-working guy, so you can feel free to approach him next time you see him and request something for the gear shop.

How long have you worked at Summit for?

I started in November of 2012, so about two and a half years. I started at Summit Dallas as a desk attendant, and started doing retail for Summit Dallas about a year later. Soon after I took over as retail manager of Grapevine too, and then Carrollton since it just made more sense to put all three gym under one person so we could keep the different gear shops more unified and consistent.

How long have you been climbing for?

Five years? Six years? (Way to not know, Trevor.) I was in Boy Scouts for awhile, and had always loved climbing, but the climbing gym was too far from my house. One day I randomly went to Dallas Rocks (now Summit Dallas) with a friend and I was like, 'Oh OK, this is cool,' and I bought a membership and shoes the next day.

Favorite climbing area?

Either the Wichitas (a bold choice since Trevor once saw a friend break his neck at the 'Tas but more about that later) or Red Rocks.

What's your background in retail?

So I worked as a stock boy at JoAnne's Fabrics when I was younger, moving boxes around. I worked with a bunch of older ladies who DID NOT appreciate my humor. I used to make didgeridoos out of cardboard tubes and would go around playing them and they did not appreciate it one bit. I worked there from like, 16 to 18 and the summer after I graduated high school I moved to a Malibu boat dealership, and I worked at their pro shop selling wake boards and things like that. And then I moved into a ski and snowboard/wakeboard shop, and worked there for awhile and then moved back to that boat dealership and managed their pro shop for almost 2 years. So basically, for like 5 years I managed and sold snowboards and wake boards.

Favorite Summit memory?

Right when I started working here, my very first Friday, I got stuck working a late night climb, and it was the first time I saw my wife. I didn’t really get to talk to her then, I just saw her. And we ended up talking more and more as she continued to come to the gym later. She’d come in from time to time, and we’d see each other and we’d just have little small talk, and she eventually found me on Facebook. She Facebook creeped me. We eventually started talking more and more and hanging out and then dating.

Had it not been for me working at the gym, then we probably never would have met. I can say that 100% for sure. Like, there’s no reason we should have met outside the gym.

Little known facts about Trevor

Trevor was a really big wakeboarder before he got into climbing. He used to take his family's boat out early before work, and then again after work to practice "shredding the gnar," or whatever kids these days are doing on their various boards. He apparently was able to do a flip, and assured me that he never was once close to drowning.

He once had to make the drive from Red Rocks to Dallas by himself, since his driving partner had a last minute emergency pop up and had to fly. Trevor made the drive in one push, by pulling over to take five minute naps when he could. Unfortunately during one gas station pit stop, in his exhausted delirium, he forgot to take the gas pump out of his car before driving off.


So he took it with him. He returned the pump and left his name and number at the gas station, but apparently gas station owners are pretty chill about that sort of thing, since it happens so often. Not that I am encouraging you guys to do this but ... you could probably get away with it.

He loves queso. He will literally eat three or four bowls by himself at a restaurant. I have seen it, and it is obscene.

He was just about to start hiking out from the Wichitas after spending a day climbing with his friends, when he saw his friend take a ground fall after his gear pulled on a trad route. He helped hike his friend out so a CareFlite could fly him out. Apparently the hike was very strenuous and the paramedics were not the fittest, and they almost gave each other IVs because they were worried about giving themselves heatstroke.

Trevor once served out his own form of vigilante justice when he was fed up by people speeding in the alley behind JoAnne's during his teenaged tenure there. He often worked back there and was almost hit by a car on a daily basis. One day someone had deposited a discarded fire hydrant, of all things, in the alley and instead of moving it, Trevor decided to just cover it with a box, and see what happens. Sure enough, someone comes speeding through, and cussed teenaged Trevor out after he refused to move the box. So the guy guns it and speeds over the box .... And rips out his oil pan on the fire hydrant, lurking in the depths of the cardboard box.

Apparently the guy did not go very far before needing a tow.

Trevor and his new wife are huge fans of board games, and have a huge collection at home. They have also attended board game conventions in the past.


Well, that's all I have room for! Trevor might seem like a nice guy, but there is something pretty sinister underneath ... I mean, seriously, a fire hydrant?! Totally kidding, he is legitimately the nicest guy ever. Next time you see him at one of his shoe demos, plead with him to not place any heavy appliances in front of your car and let's see how mad we can make him. DO IT.