Employee of the Month / Year / Maybe Even Decade: Logan Prentice, Asst. Manager of Carrollton and proud recipient of a Summit tattoo

As some of you may have noticed two weeks back, we posted a photo to Instagram with a freshly-inked Summit tattoo adorning someone's thigh. That tattoo is 100% real — it belongs to Summit Carrollton Asst. Manager Logan Prentice, and no, he did not lose a bet. Logan's been working at Summit for about 10 months now, and he felt that these past 10 months have been important enough to him to commemorate permanently on his leg. We were stoked, and definitely surprised when he got it, so we sat him down and talked to him on just what motivated him to get those three little blue peaks etched forever on his body.

When did you get the tattoo?

It was about two weeks ago — so Tuesday, June 9. I got it done at Love N Hate in Lewisville.

So ... what's the story?

I had been thinking of getting this tattoo for like, 2 or 3 weeks. So yeah, I had thought about it, but it was still kind of impulsive — because I have one other tattoo idea and have been thinking about it for four years and I still haven’t gotten it! So I had been thinking about it for a little while, and it just made sense to me.  I wanted this tattoo to be something that I could look at, and be like, 'That was a part of my life.' Even if my time at Summit ends up with a bad ending, I still will remember all the good times that I had, and all the friends that I made who I’m sure will be lifelong friends with.  This part of my life has had a big impact on me, for sure.

I almost passed out while I was getting it, though. So while the artist was doing it, I felt totally fine — but when we took a break for a second, and asked me how I felt, I was like, 'Oh yeah, I feel fine!' and then stood up, and was like 'Whoa, I don’t feel so good.' So he had me sit back down for a second and I started sweating profusely. But then he finished it and I felt fine afterwards.

Showin' a little leg there Logan, eh?
Showin' a little leg there Logan, eh?

Are you happy with this as your first tattoo?

Oh yeah, I think it’s a cool story for a first tattoo! Sure it seems kind of impulsive, but this is the best job I have ever had. It's definitely not just a job to me — it’s a lifestyle, honestly. Summit is a lifestyle — you gotta live summit! You climb at summit, you work there and all the people there become your friends and pretty much the only people you hang out with. When I go home, I’m like, 'This isn’t my home.' Because my home is Summit.

What did the artist think about your tattoo?

He was like, 'That’s pretty cool man, what is this place?' So I was explaining what Summit is about and all that kind of stuff. And then I was explaining to him how it’s more than just a job to me — it’s where I started climbing, and that these gyms mean a lot to me. He was like, 'Hey man, if anyone understands that, it’s going to be a tattoo artist.' Going in to get the tattoo I was a little bit hesitant, but he really solidified it for me.

We heard you had some ... monetary motivation. Is that true?

Yes. I got a raise! A dollar an hour.

I had thought of the tattoo, and then earlier the day that I got it, someone had made an offhand comment on how David (GM of Carrollton) and Franny (Regional Manager) were offered a raise if they got a Summit tattoo, and I thought, 'If I am getting the tattoo anyways, I should capitalize on this by getting a raise as well!'

Still stoked every time you see it?

I still think I will be able to reflect back and have good memories every time I see that tattoo. It’s something that, even if I come to hate it — which I don’t think that I will — I can *covers the tattoo with his shorts* And now it's not even there! But no, I am definitely glad that I did it. And the raise was definitely a bonus!

What have people's reactions been like so far?

Most people are like 'That’s freaking awesome!' Dylan Honeyman (employee at Summit Carrollton) had the best reaction to it I have ever seen. He was like, 'I love you so much Logan. That is like, the coolest tattoo ever.' I really appreciated that. Others have been like, 'That’s kind of stupid, this is going to be on you forever and this is just a job,' that sort of thing. I don't really have a response to that. I don’t know how to respond. I’m just like, 'Yeah, that’s the way you see it. The way I see it is as something more. It will always mean more than that to me.'

P.S. His parents have yet to know about it so SHHHHHH!


So next time you see Logan, give him a high-five for committing so hard to Summit! Personally, I said "Hell no" when Kyle asked me to even put a Summit magnet on the side of my pretty new car. But now Logan has gone and one-upped, no — five-upped — me, and outted me as the second-rate employee I am!

Whatever Logan! You might think your leg tattoo is pretty cool, but wait til I show up with my Summit face tattoo! *

*Disclaimer: Never going to happen.