Know Your Manager: Mackenzie Wilson, now the GM of Summit Grapevine

She's been a GM of two gyms now, but she is also the GM that has been with the company for the least amount of time. She is also the source of GIRL POWER within the company (excluding myself, but I barely count because I am fairly "unfeminine," we'll say). She came to us fresh from working the climbing wall at TCU, and you probably know her as the bubbly chatterbox that is always at the gym — either working, climbing, or getting in her fitness at Climb Fit. Here's the basics of this neat little lady, so yo can have yet another topic of conversation to have with her. Like you could ever run out of things to talk about with her, anyways.

How long have you been a manager with Summit?

Since May 2, 2014. I started at Summit Carrollton and transferred to Grapevine on March 14.

How long have you been climbing?

In 2009, I went on a canoe trip randomly with the outdoors program of my school (TCU!), and after the canoe trip, the guy in charge of the outdoors program at my university asked me to lead some outdoor trips. So I did. Then I started leading ALL the outdoor trips — so every weekend I took people outdoors,  backpacking, canoeing camping and then climbing. The outdoor programs had a rock wall, so I just belayed people in the summer and I was kind of into it but it wasn’t a big deal for me.  I was doing all that and then when the manager of the outdoors program wanted me to manage the climbing wall.  I got more into it when a friend and I started climbing outdoors together.

Favorite Summit memory?

It's not really one memory, but my favorite is when  you sell somebody gear, or you sign them up for a membership and then you see them four or five months later and they re on a V6 or a V7. That is just the best feeling about this job, is when you’re like, “Oh yeah! I remember when you were just starting here!" Yay!” because they’re just crushing it.

Little known facts about Mackenzie:

She studied Anthropology and Studio Art in college. She specializes in pen art, which is legitimately A THING. Check it:


She also has some pretty decent Spanish skills, from studying abroad in both Ecuador and Panama. She spent six months in Ecuador in college, and tried climbing once at the outdoor climbing wall in Quito. The friend she went with however, who totally claimed to know how to belay, totally DIDN'T. And on top of that, the ropes there were so old, that any fall was basically a ground fall because they stretched so much. Yeah, I am gonna have to pass on climbing there.

She also visited Panama for a summer in high school, doing projects in this "really, really, really, really" small town. She was part of a program where you raise money, and basically just ask the town you're going to what they want.  Unfortunately, because the town was so small, they didn't ask for anything exciting, but Mackenzie got it done all the same. She got a handicapped ramp built at the local church because the old people couldn't get into the church anymore, and she got a bunch of trash cans built around town so the locals would stop throwing their trash everywhere. (It was a close call, but the village chose the trash cans over getting their town sign repainted.) Mackenzie said a program supervisor would come once and week to check on her, and from the sound of it, was mostly concerned with her digestive health. "Are you OK? Are you constipated? How about any diarrhea?" are the main points of conversation she remembers having with said supervisor.

Well, there you have it! That's Mackenzie! Next time you see Mackenzie, ask her about her art, or a certain incriminating photo she has from her first ever climbing trip ... I'm gonna go ahead and leave that statement as super mysterious, heh heh.