Know Your Manager: David Michener, brand new GM of Summit Carrollton

We're very excited about the brand new GM at Summit Carrollton! He's been an employee of Summit Grapevine, but we shipped him off to Summit Carrollton, so we could steal Mackenzie and relocate her to GM of Grapevine, and ship Franny off to pursue his dream of being a bearded lady at the circus. (Or he's been promoted to Regional Manager. He's still a bearded lady, though.) David's a pretty quiet guy, known for his tattoos and swoopy blonde hair — which did you know, used to be crazy super long? But I sat him down and managed to get him to talk about himself long enough to get this blog post done. So here's a little Q&A so you can better know our newest GM and resident super-nice-guy, David.

How long have you been a manager with Summit?

I've worked for Summit for almost 2 years. This is my first month as a GM, at Summit Carrollton.

How long have you been climbing?

I needed a new hobby. Climbing found me, man. I started climbing right after I turned 21. In March 2012 I turned 21 and in April I started climbing. After I turned 21 I was tired of the bar scene.  So I probably googled "hobbies" or something.

I just kind of walked into the gym (at Summit Grapevine) and got a membership and a gear package immediately and then started climbing (HE KNOWS HOW TO COMMIT, LADIES). I think I asked if Summit was hiring before I even asked for a membership, too.

Favorite climbing area?

The Red

Favorite climb?

Super Best Friends at the Red

Favorite Summit memory?

Doing giant rope swings with other employees after-hours at Summit Grapevine. We used to do a giant swing under the arch. I mostly liked just hanging out at the gym, we did a lot of employee lock-ins where we just got to goof around after-hours.

Little known facts about David: 

He doesn't play any real instruments, but is awesome at Guitar Hero.

Which can sometimes count as a real instrument.
Which can sometimes count as a real instrument.

When he was little, David had his tooth broken by a teddy bear. Yes, a stuffed teddy. While at a sleep over at a friend’s house, his friend threw a teddy bear at his face, and the plastic nose hit him in the tooth and broke it. He ended up getting a cap to replace the missing tooth piece, but strangely cannot remember if he went home immediately afterwards, or just rode out the party with a jagged tooth shard. THAT'S METAL.

David worked at the Fed Ex warehouse for five years, and was exposed to an alarming amount of wildlife there. I don't know if you guys know this, but zoos and wildlife refuges sometimes use friggin' Fed Ex to just ship their critters elsewhere. David never got to handle any beasts because he "wasn't the fork-lift guy" (what a deadly time to be a fork-lift guy), but he saw many tigers and bears and exotic birds in cages being shipped from one spot to another. David's perhaps "fondest" memories of Fed Ex are handling the copious amounts of "horse specimen" that are shipped every day. You can figure out what that is.

Not to leave it on a weird note, but that's all I got! That's David in a nutshell! Next time you see him, ask to see pictures of him with long hair, or which tooth was punched out by a killer teddy bear. Also, high-five him and congratulate him on his new position, and tell him he's super awesome.