The Dallas Open Bouldering Competition

At Summit, we like to pride ourselves in hosting great competitions. We've hosted championship USA Climbing events as well as super fun bouldering competitions for all ability levels. In just under a month we are starting another series of bouldering competitions beginning with The Dallas Open on February 14 (yes we know it's Valentine's Day, but come know you want to come) followed by The Grapevine Open in April and The Carrollton Open in June. Climbers will compete with others in own ability levels and genders. So you don't need to worry about going up against someone who crazy strong, unless of course you sign up in their category. These events are all about getting climbers together to have an awesome time. With free beer and food included in the price of admission, it's pretty much a party.

The first part of the competition is redpoint style. Our route setting crew, who we like to believe is the best in the country, sets a ton of brand new boulder problems for you to try as many times as you want, each one having its own point value. Your top five scores is what determines your place. Your place determines how big of a Summit gift card you receive. The top three people in each category will be the ones who get this oh so coveted prize.

But wait, that's not all. The top five in the men's and women's "open" categories (you know, the really strong climbers) will move on to a sudden death one boulder problem onsight final. We turn off all the lights and spotlight them as they try to achieve victory! They will have five minutes to attempt the boulder problem, and whoever gets the farthest wins. It's as simple as that. Oh yeah and the winner gets $100.

This is a great event for all climbers to either compete for themselves or just show up and show their support for others. Climbers from across the state and sometimes even from across the country have shown up to hang out and climb with us Dallas/Fort Worth folk. So come one come all! We assure you that you'll have a great time. Don't believe us, check out this video from one of out previous competitions.

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