Summit Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga alliance 200hr 

+ What is yoga teacher training?

YTT is the process of diving into the deeper aspects of yoga that do not get covered in a typical 1 hour studio class. Summit YTT will help you deepen your personal journey with yoga as well as give you the tools to create your own 1 hour vinyasa flow class and develop your personal teaching style.

+ I'm new to my yoga practice. Can I do yoga teacher training?

We think so! A consistent or long-term yoga practice is nice to have, but not everyone who goes through Summit YTT is a seasoned practitioner. We love the diversity we attract at Summit YTT! Many of our most loved teachers went through YTT early in their yoga practice to build a strong foundation for themselves from the start.

+ What if I am interested in learning the tools and information in YTT, but don't want to teach?

No problem! Many people participate in YTT as a form of personal continuing education. You will learn to improve your communication skills, gain confidence, learn yoga history, and yogic lifestyle as well as learn some teaching tools and how to create your own class. You can use the tools to teach others or just for your own use at home! Many yogis want to improve their home practice and this course will show you how to create effective yoga posture sequences.

+ What are the age limits for Yoga Teacher Traning?

All ages above 18 and all levels of yoga practice are welcome to join us at Summit for YTT.

+ When and where do you offer yoga teacher training?

Summit YTT is based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. In 2019, we are offering YTT in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and at our new Plano location! We offer 3-5 trainings per year with a maximum of 14 trainees per group.

Winter Weekends 2019 in Dallas - 1/5/19 to 3/3/19 200Hour Vinyasa (break weekend is Feb 2-3)*

Spring Weekends 2019 in Fort Worth - 4/6/19 to 6/2/19 200Hour Vinyasa (break weekend is May 4-5)*

Summer Weekends 2019 in Denton - 6/15/19 to 8/11/19 200Hour Vinyasa (break weekend is July 13-14)*

Autumn Weekends 2019 in Plano - 9/7/19 to 11/3/19 200Hour NEW HATHA/YIN (break weekend is Oct 5-6)^

*Vinyasa training, because of the nature of the style of yoga, is more athletic and physically demanding. However, all asana practice can be modified for more or less intensity to fit your current level of experience in yoga. This training will focus more on yoga sequencing and creating your own yoga classes.

^Hatha and Yin Yoga training will be somewhat less athletic and physically demanding. But again, all asana practice can be modified for more or less intensity to fit your current level of experience in yoga. This training will focus more on Alignment, lifelong mobility, and yoga for all bodies. Yin completes Yang and you'll learn the important balance between exercising muscle and exercising connective tissues.

+ Who will train me during yoga teacher training?

All of our YTT faculty teach for Summit Yoga studios in the DFW area and are registered (RYT200 or higher) with Yoga Alliance. We follow the Yoga Alliance guidelines which dictates who can teach your various training categories and you can find out more about that here:

We want you to learn from many teachers to receive varied perspectives on yoga. Each faculty teacher comes from a unique background and we feel this diversity ensures a well-rounded training experience.

+ What is the training schedule like?

Summit Yoga offers an intensive weekend YTT program that is 8 weekends of training resulting in a 200 Hour Vinyasa Teaching Certification aligned to Yoga Alliance’s standards. We schedule 1 to 2 break weekends so it may take 9-10 weekends until you arrive at YTT graduation day.

We train you from 7:30am to 7:30pm on both Saturdays and Sundays on training weekends. There will be breaks every hour as well as lunch and short afternoon meal break each day. It is considered an intensive/intense style training that gets you fully certified in about 2 months. It's fast-paced, but the training is logically organized into digestible bits of content.

+ How much time will I spend studying and practicing Monday through Friday (remember, we only conduct YTT classes on Saturdays and Sundays) during my Yoga Teacher Training?

Most YTT students will do homework between 2-3 hours per week prior to their weekend of training, but ultimately that is up to you. Results vary depending on what you want to achieve from your YTT. You will, however, come out of training with a deeper understanding of yourself! You get out of training what you put into it!

We recommend you continue your regular practices before and throughout YTT with extra attention to care for yourself and rest enough during the week to be ready for training weekends. We don’t suggest any extreme changes lifestyle changes during YTT... other than spending 8 full weekends with us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

+ How much does Yoga Teacher Training cost?

Full price for the 200 Hour Certification is $2,200. This includes a pass for you to practice unlimited yoga classes, climbing, and abs/TRX classes at all Summit locations during your YTT training.

There are early enrollment discounts up to $400 off your training to make it very affordable!

Enrolling 1 month prior to training = $200 off ($2,000 total for your training).

Enrolling 2 months prior to training = $400 off ($1,800 total for your training).

Payment plans available by request.

+ Tell me about the full scholarship!

Summit Yoga is pleased to offer 1 full scholarship per Yoga Teacher Training group. Scholarship applicants are asked to answer the following question to be considered: “Why did you choose Summit for your Yoga Teacher Training?”

Applicants who are members of the Summit community are given preference IF they have answered the scholarship question in 500 words or less. The scholarship is not based on financial need - we do not ask for any sensitive income information to be considered. The scholarship is based on your desire to contribute to the Summit and surrounding community!

Scholarship entries that have avoided answering the application question are subject to possible disqualification. Scholarship entries over the 500 word limit are subject to possible disqualification. Summit gym employees also have opportunity to apply for an Employee Scholarship for YTT!

To submit your essay entry, click on the button above to "Sign Up for YTT" and find the scholarship entry link.

+ Do I have to pay for my Summit membership while I am in Yoga Teacher Training?

Nope! You are provided a YTT pass that allows you access to the climbing gyms, yoga classes, and abs/TRX classes - UNLIMITED! Once training is over, you can choose to renew your regular membership. If you are hired to teach yoga for Summit, you receive a free Staff membership!

+ What is Yoga Alliance and why should I care about them?

Yoga Alliance (YA) is the standardizing & certifying organization for yoga teacher training. They have determined how many hours of which subjects we teach in our Registered Yoga School (RYS200) and what level of teacher may teach you these subjects! This provides you a solid and well-rounded training that will provide you the basic tools of teaching a yoga class and to understand yourself yogically. Upon gradation from our RYS, you will receive a teaching certificate recognized by YA and yoga studios worldwide.

+ Do I have to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga?

No, you don’t! It is optional to join YA as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). But you cannot display the RYT or E-RYT designations without registering with YA. They provide continuing education, discounts, insurance, and many other membership benefits.

+ Are you hiring teachers who have completed a YTT somewhere other than Summit YTT?

Yes! All of Summit Yoga’s instructors have attended YTT through a Registered Yoga School (RYS200 or higher). If you are interested in auditioning for a position at Summit Yoga, email your yoga resume and RYS certificate to [email protected] and you will be contacted before the next round of auditions (3-5 times per year).


laura satterfield (December 2017 graduate) 

"What an incredible experience! The teaching team, along with the staff at Summit as a whole, are knowledgeable, welcoming, and incredibly skilled. The training was truly life changing, not only because of the skill set I have gained, but because the process is one of soul searching and heart opening. In a time where humanity spends more and more time in seclusion and without true (vulnerable) human interaction, going through Yoga Teacher Training has warmed my soul and facilitated the creation of lasting connections. I cannot imagine a better place to undergo this transformation than Summit. The level of attention dedicated to each trainee, and the individual gifts and areas of expertise held by the faculty make Summit an exceptionally safe and nurturing environment."

Elise Martelli (December 2017 Graduate) 

"This program completely changed my life for the better. I am so grateful I decided to go through with it. "

chandler hall (March 2018 graduate)

"I loved this program! I learned so much and truly developed not only as a yoga instructor but in my everyday life as well."


Sara Sprito (March 2018 Graduate) 

"The teachers in our Yoga Teacher Training program led and inspired us. Each with a unique background of knowledge to add to the mix. Their individual spirits added a variety and roundness to our program that would be difficult with a single instructor. Some had additional training in kinesiology, anatomy, communication, voice projection/performance, and/or different types/styles of yoga. They shared their experience, skills and invaluable insight with us on our yoga journey. With their guidance, we learned to trust ourselves and each other, as we grew from yoga students into yoga teachers. Thank You Summit!"  

akshita singh (August 2017 graduate)

"I learned so much about myself during the training. Everything from the first day to the last was incredible. I have become a better human being because of the training physically and mentally. I had a great group of peers and teachers that will be there for a lifetime. The training was intense and fun at the same time. I learned so much and feel prepared to go spread my passion. "