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Summit Bouldering League

Are you guys ready for Summit Bouldering League?! CAN YOU EVEN?!

If you have ever been a part of a league before (softball, bowling, ultimate field knitting, etc.) then this is gonna be pretty similar! In short: sign up with a team of up to 6 people (but at least 4) at your chosen gym, we'll host meets once a week at your gym for four weeks, and we will score y'alls performance based on a handicap. We will have a brand new wall set every week - we will pick our favorite problems from the new set (one in each grade!) and each competitor will have five tries to send one of these “Challenge Problems.” The goal is to send as hard as you can! Your final score at the end of each night is compiled of your 4 hardest sends while projecting that night, along with your Challenge Problem. We will have a max of 8 teams from each gym, and post their running scores throughout the four weeks — at the end we will tally everything up, and the gym with the best performing team will get to host our final competition on Friday, April 20, where we pit the top-scoring team from each gym against each other in an awesome onsight competition / after-party!

  • Denton's meet days will be Mondays.

  • Dallas' meet days will be Tuesdays.

  • Carrollton's meet days will be Wednesdays.

  • Fort Worth's meet days will be Thursdays.

Ready to sign up? Make sure to put down your team name if you have a team, or put down "solo" if you want to join the solo team. 

Later Event: March 23
Fort Worth Member Party