Climb for Congo

The fourth annual Climb For Congo event is Sunday, April 27th from 5pm until 8pm at Summit Dallas

30 days for $30

Offer ends April 30th


Need to get in touch with us? Just give us a call.

(972) 231 7625



$ 5

Mondays until 2pm
  • Climb all day if you arrive before 2pm
  • Does not include rental gear

2 for 1

$ 20

Wednesdays after 4pm
  • Two people can climb for just $20
  • All rental gear is included

Ladies Night

$ 10

Fridays after 6pm
  • Just for the ladies
  • All rental gear is included

Student Night

$ 10

Saturdays after 6pm
  • Must have a valid student ID
  • All rental gear is included

Class Schedule

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