ClimbFit is where climbing athletic foundations are made.

Our goal is to grow and solidify climbing technique and strength foundations in each of our members. Here, our members  effectively tackle their athletic climbing aspirations.

Classes are offered Monday - Thursday at varying times and locations (Please check the schedule). Workout programming is written daily with monthly programming goals. This allow us to tailor classes for anyone, at any level, so they can enjoy and get the most out of ClimbFit classes.


  • Filled out a Summit waiver and completed and orientation
  • If climbing for less than a year, must have attended a Climb 101 class


  • Eat a small meal a few hours before class

  • Running shoes

  • Water bottle & snack

  • Comfortable clothes for working out indoor and outdoors

  • Personal climbing gear (rental gear is available)

$15 per class or $60 per month for unlimited classes