Know Your Routesetter: Jonathan Correll, setter for Summit Gyms

Know Your Routesetter: Jonathan Correll, setter for Summit Gyms

The guy responsible for everything set by "JC," Jon was the first routesetter to take part in our gym's routesetter intership program, and then become a full-time member of our setting crew! Not that it's a contest but he might be the tallest member of our setting crew. Not that his setting reflects that, cuz Jon is a versatile setter, who likes to set anything, as long as it gets people thinking! He's a super friendly guy, so here's a little bit more about the routesetter that is responsible for our setting crew's recent skateboarding obsession. 

What Summit Yoga Teacher Training Did For Me

What Summit Yoga Teacher Training Did For Me

If you've been curious about what it's like to take one of our Yoga Teacher Training courses, then we're thinking about you with this week's blog post! We got Adam Hughes — the General Manager of our Denton location, and one of the first yogis to graduate from our very own Summit Yoga Teacher Training — to sit down and tell us what his experience with taking our Yoga Teacher Training was like. 

Have some time to kill over the holidays? We can fix that ...

Have some time to kill over the holidays? We can fix that ...

Hey guys! We figured you all would be bored this week with so much time off of work (maybe even cooped up at your parents' place, where their idea of an exciting night is playing Scrabble without the Scrabble dictionary, like a couple of totally out-of-control loose cannons!), so this week's post is purely meant for your entertainment.

How Life has Improved Since I Became a Climber: a not-so-serious look at the serious everyday life benefits of being a climber

Because climbers are a group that can notoriously laugh at ourselves, this week's blog post is sometimes subtle, but mostly not, nod to all the ways our lives have improved since we started rock climbing! Everyday tasks that were previously hard, are now simple thanks to our climber ingenuity / inhuman strength / alarming lack of patience / inability to give a crap. So how many of these things can you relate to?

Get Fit with Summit: Ben Jensen shows us how to train opposition

For anyone with the dreaded "boulder shoulder" hunch, you gotta know the importance of opposition training! It will improve more than just your posture: training the antagonist muscles opposite of the ones we use most often during climbing will improve your climbing performance as well! What's not to love? Check out some basic opposition training exercises as taught by our fitness extraordinaire Ben Jensen — some you can even do at home!

SBS season closer and Denton's first-ever comp — final scores and pictures

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday night, for the last competition of our Summit Bouldering Series 2015 season! It was also the first comp we have ever held at our brand new Denton location, and I think it's safe to say we christened the place.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself — 5 tips to help prevent climbing injury

Tis the season for the weather to start getting cooler, and for us to start spending a lot more time climbing inside. Which is not necessarily a bad thing since we now have 4 locations to choose from for your plastic-pulling pleasure, but you guys better be careful that you're not steering yourselves towards injury with your training and climbing habits! There are many obvious ways to avoid injury in the gym — like not jumping headfirst off of Big Tex after every send, for example, or not starting fistfights with your other fellow climbers in the parking lot. 

Meet your Manager: Adam Hughes, GM of Summit Denton

f you ever need advice on handstands ... then Adam Hughes is your man. Former assistant manager at Summit Dallas, this handstand master has recently taken over duties as the General Manager of Summit Denton, after its official opening this past Monday. If you don't understand what I mean by the handstands ... just spend some time at our new gym and you'll see Adam serenely bust out a few in his down time, when he isn't busy running Summit's first-ever built-from-scratch gym. 

SBS Comp #2 at Summit Dallas: final rankings and photos galore

t was a very full house last Friday night during our second Summit Bouldering Series competition of the season, at Summit Dallas! We nearly floated five kegs (totally nuts, you guys) and had an exciting finale round on Big Tex, with Dallas climber Tanner Merkle and Arizona climber Mary Fox both flashing their final problems for the win in men's and women's! We've got final placements posted and hella photos, so take a look and see how ya did, and how ya looked doing it! Hint: you looked good.

Denton location update: the walls are up, and here's a sneak peek. SHH!

We are getting ready to clip the chains on our new Denton location! Walltopia has done a more than amazing job getting the walls up, and they are looking sweet! They're super tall and super steep, with crazy angles galore for y'all to pump yourselves out on.

Witness the Fitness: a quick video of some hangboarding tips on our new hangboard station!

If you haven't been by our Carrollton location recently, we've added a really great training area upstairs! We got weights, bars, hangboards, and a bench — pretty much everything you'd need to get dat fitty (aka get fit!) To show you how to best utilize our brand new hangboard station, we made a quick little training video, on the basics / dos and don'ts of hangboards! Check it out, and add some hangboard training to your regimen!

Meet your Routesetter / Coach: Ellis Whitson, Summit routesetter and coach for Team Texas

I know you guys have definitely seen him around, since between coaching and routesetting, Ellis is basically at one gym or another ALL THE TIME. He's a busy guy for sure, but always worth chatting with for a moment, even if it's to just get some beta from him. He's one of those guys whose beta always works, even when you insist it won't. HE ALWAYS KNOW BETTER!