SBS Comp #2 at Summit Dallas: final rankings and photos galore

t was a very full house last Friday night during our second Summit Bouldering Series competition of the season, at Summit Dallas! We nearly floated five kegs (totally nuts, you guys) and had an exciting finale round on Big Tex, with Dallas climber Tanner Merkle and Arizona climber Mary Fox both flashing their final problems for the win in men's and women's! We've got final placements posted and hella photos, so take a look and see how ya did, and how ya looked doing it! Hint: you looked good.

Denton location update: the walls are up, and here's a sneak peek. SHH!

We are getting ready to clip the chains on our new Denton location! Walltopia has done a more than amazing job getting the walls up, and they are looking sweet! They're super tall and super steep, with crazy angles galore for y'all to pump yourselves out on.

Witness the Fitness: a quick video of some hangboarding tips on our new hangboard station!

If you haven't been by our Carrollton location recently, we've added a really great training area upstairs! We got weights, bars, hangboards, and a bench — pretty much everything you'd need to get dat fitty (aka get fit!) To show you how to best utilize our brand new hangboard station, we made a quick little training video, on the basics / dos and don'ts of hangboards! Check it out, and add some hangboard training to your regimen!

Meet your Routesetter / Coach: Ellis Whitson, Summit routesetter and coach for Team Texas

I know you guys have definitely seen him around, since between coaching and routesetting, Ellis is basically at one gym or another ALL THE TIME. He's a busy guy for sure, but always worth chatting with for a moment, even if it's to just get some beta from him. He's one of those guys whose beta always works, even when you insist it won't. HE ALWAYS KNOW BETTER! 

SBS Season Opener at Summit Carrollton: final scores and photos

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to our first Summit Bouldering Comp of the season! You guys made it truly an awesome event. We've got everyone's final scores and standing calculated, so come check how you stacked up in your category! 

You Know You're a Climber When : 30 tell-tales that you're a rock climber.

A lot of us don't realize the effect that climbing has had on our lives until we think about how normal people going about their daily business, i.e. not crimping on EVERYTHING and not putting one single sticker on their car. We climbers are a unique bunch, and we're not shy about just doing our thing! Here are some of the 30 subtle, and not so subtle ways that climbers make themselves be known. 

Know your Party Thrower: Caillin Murray, Summit Social Media and Events Coordinator

This weeks blog post can't be brought to you by our normal writer, cause ... well it's awkward to interview yourself and write about yourself. "Meet Caillin: by Caillin. As dictated by Caillin, About Caillin. #imawesome"  So I'm (Retail Manager Trevor) stepping in for the week so you can meet the lady behind the scenes. Chances are you have seen her pecking away on her laptop at the different gyms, but maybe never knew what she did or if she even actually worked there, (I mean, does she?) She does and her are some things you should know! 

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered for 12 Hours Straight: a recap of our 12HSS comp

It's been almost two weeks since our 12HSS competition, and it was totally nuts — to put it the most mildly. Over 50 teams (and over 100 climbers) climbed for 12 hours straight at three different gyms, and made thousands of sends, and climbed for miles — literally. In this post we've got a collection of what everyone climbed, how far, and their total points as well as their standing in their category. Towards the end we'll have a mini-photo album, collected from all of your Instagram photos! Here's the run-down of just how impressive all that climbing was: All in all, competitors climbed 41.7 miles at three gyms about the distance from the center of Dallas all the way to Denton, but in vertical climbing feet!

Know your Yogi: Barbara Altshuler-Pacheco, Yoga Director for Summit Gyms

Our yoga program has evolved quite a lot since Barbara joined us, and we gotta say, our yoga program is now pretty awesome! Thanks to her we have a bunch of new classes, new teachers, and our Teacher Training program. Since she's the Yoga Director here at Summit, she's pretty busy with managing a crew of 30 yoga teachers (15 of which graduated from our Teacher Training Program), assembling our Teacher Training Program as well as instructing it, and then teaching her own classes!

Abs are cute, but what about core? — Why core workouts benefit your climbing more than abs ever will

Everyone knows the importance of a six-pack — because it looks good and impresses people, duh — but what does having a six-pack do for your climbing? Turns out, not much! Besides having the hot babes and dudes always willing to give you a spot, abs don't make you a better climber.

This just in — Here's a list of all the raffle swag we've got for the 12HSS

Another week and another shameless post reason why you should be signing up for our 12 Hours of Summit Suffering (as if you needed another reason), as brought to you by Retail Manager Trevor Whitis, aka guest blogger extraordinare. 

Know Your Routesetter: Will Tevepaugh, setter for Summit Gyms

We have quite the crew of setters here at Summit, and Will Tevepaugh has been a member of the crew for quite a while! He's normally a pretty quiet guy, but always gives great beta, and is ridiculously strong on the wall. I swear, the guy could lock off on anything. His setting style usually involves a lot of crimps and dynamic moves, but he said he's been setting outside the box lately, and said he's been pretty into pinches. Hop on some of his stuff, and tell him what you think! 

The Burn Means It's Working — Some tips for training endurance

I think we all have that friend — you know, the one that seems to be able to climb endlessly without even breaking a sweat. Yes, we all have that friend and secretly hate that friend but let's face it — we are NOT that friend. We gotta train our endurance, and battle the pump when things start getting real. Unless your forearms are made of some sort of iron, then endurance training is always a benefit — especially if you are signed up / going to sign up for our 12 Hours of Summit Suffering comp.

12 Hours of Summit Suffering: Half a Day to Slay!

Most of you have perhaps already heard of / competed in the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition, at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, AR. We have quite a large community of Horseshoe Hell competitors among us here at Summit, so we wanted to create an event that might help them train for climbing for 24 hours straight — or for those of you who think that's nuts, but maybe climbing for just 12 hours straight in a gym with air-conditioning and no approach sounds more your speed.

Know Your Manager: Trevor Whitis, Retail Manager for Summit

If you've ever bought a pair of shoes, a gear package, or even a snack at any Summit gym, then it was probably brought to the gym by Trevor. He keeps our gear shops nice and stocked with the latest gear, our concessions stands chock-full of goodies, and our rotating selection of Summit shirts always lookin' so poppin'. He is also responsible for a lot of the demos we have at the gym, and is actually a Five Ten rep himself. He's the guy with a mane of hair more majestic than any woman's, and probably any unicorn's, really. He's a newlywed, and an all-around super nice guy who can be located solely because of his incredibly loud laugh — it can be heard for miles and will always make you smile. Here's more about this hard-working guy, so you can feel free to approach him next time you see him and request something for the gear shop.

What Goes Up Must Come Down: The basics of proper falling techniques

Anyone with a Facebook has been subjected, at one point or another, to watching one of Rock and Ice's Weekend Whipper videos. Maybe you were tagged in the video by that one friend, reminding you of that one time you short-roped them, or had it shared on your wall by a non-climbing family member ("OMG WOW, *insert name here*, THINKING OF U") who thinks that you take whips that big on a regular basis. Yes Grandma, this is my life. Everyday. Anyways, big falls are an eventuality in climbing — whether or you're taking a screamer off the top of your lead project or blowing the top-out of that high-ball boulder problem, it's extremely important to know how to handle your body in the event of these, or really any, falls. The best way to learn is, of course, to practice, but here are some basic tips to keep in mind next time you're climbing, so as to best avoid injury.

Employee of the Month / Year / Maybe Even Decade: Logan Prentice, Asst. Manager of Carrollton and proud recipient of a Summit tattoo

As some of you may have noticed two weeks back, we posted a photo to Instagram with a freshly-inked Summit tattoo adorning someone's thigh. That tattoo is 100% real — it belongs to Summit Carrollton Asst. Manager Logan Prentice, and no, he did not lose a bet. Logan's been working at Summit for about 10 months now, and he felt that these past 10 months have been important enough to him to commemorate permanently on his leg. We were stoked, and definitely surprised when he got it, so we sat him down and talked to him on just what motivated him to get those three little blue peaks etched forever on his body. 

Know Your Owner: Chris LoCrasto, Co-Owner and Head Routesetter of Summit Gyms

If you're mostly a daytime climber, you've probably seen Chris and his dedicated crew of routesetters setting — and making a general racket — at one of the gyms on any given weekday. You can barely hear him and his crew cracking jokes and making fun of each other over the noise of their drills, but be assured — most everything that comes out of their mouths to each other is some form of ball-busting, but that's how it goes. They know how to set, and how to actually make it ... fun? Chris was one of Kyle's first kids on Team Texas, and joined forces with Stan and Kyle when they first bought Summit Grapevine. He now wears many hats — owner, routesetter, and orchestrator of many things within the yoga program. He's a super busy guy, but make sure you thank him for all the work he and his crew does by setting stellar new routes and problems every week, so we never get bored! 

Join the Cause! — Climbers Against Cancer Gear Comes to Summit

For climber John Ellison, the "crux" of his life is just beginning. If life is a 5.13, he was just served up the double-deadpoint-to-impossible-mono crux move that would stop many climbers in their tracks. In 2011, John was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer that will most likely end up taking his life. Instead of taking the woe-is-me approach, John has decided to spend his remaining time on earth funding research and cures for the disease that has now made his life so difficult. By scheduling his fundraising efforts between his frequent treatments, he has been able to start Climbers Against Cancer, one of the only legitimate organizations solely dedicated to fundraising and raising awareness about cancer entirely within the climbing community. A bit more on the organization and its massive European reach so far.